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This might even apply to others who have internal stats, too.

Some folks may remember me whining about my internal stats not working, those being hit counter and referrers. Been happening since January. Have tried everything (almost), and Typepad help was stumped (I apologize for some nasty words to them.) But, finally, I figured out what the problem was.

I had an epiphany regarding my copy of the American Flag League script on my site. The script over at the American Flag League is correct, FYI. The problem? The script was missing the ">" at the end of it. That one character stopped all internal stats.

Why does it matter to me? Basically because I get a much better measure of who is coming, and if they are searching for "jessica+alba+nude." If ye remember, that was one of the search terms from the Great Blogwar. Also, you can reach my blog 3 ways. thepiratescove.us, piratescove.typepad.com, and piratescove.typepad.come/piratescove. Putting www in front of works to. Sitemeter is set to thepiratescove.us, so if you come using that or, preferably, www.thepiratescove.us, it shows as a visit and stuff. If you come to the other 2, not recorded.

For instance, internal shows 484. Sitemeter shows 233. ‘Cause internal measures all 3 addresses, Sitemeter doesn’t. Point is, make sure all you scripts and stuff are complete.

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