Why “God”?

Sorry, been in meetings since 8:30am, no access. However, wanted to share a little story.

On the way to the meetings, I passed a truck with a Kerry/Edwards bumper sticker. This truck also had another bumper sticker. It said

"God" Bless America

There was also smaller writing, but I was going to fast to try and read it, as well as being in another lane. What I want to know is why they felt it necessary to have God in quotes. I suspect that the writing underneath would have given some more clues. I also suspect that I wouldn’t have liked what it said. What sort of statement was this? There was no reason for the quotation marks.

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5 Responses to “Why “God”?”

  1. jody says:

    i hate bumperstickers, just for that reason. If the font is too small I drive dangerously close…and well I usually just drive dangerously, I don’t need encouragement. You gotta let me know if you find out what it said though.

  2. There were a huge number of them given out after 9-11. All the gas stations that had one of those “God Bless America” banners had God in quotes.

    If I recall correctly, the Red Cross had something to do with it…

    The last one I recall seeing was at the gas station in Knightdale that flies the huge American flag.

    A lot of people didn’t even notice. My mom was totally oblivious until I clued her in.

  3. Moe says:

    It’s their “polite” way of being heathens.

  4. I have searched the ‘net, haven’t found one yet. Will have to check the Red Cross site. Maybe will find it. Just seems wrong to me.

  5. Maggie says:

    Haven’t seen that one….

    Have seen: God Bless America
    (no exceptions)

    Figure yours has a by-line like
    (Whoever SHE may be)

    (whatever your faith belief might be)

    (Haliburton reigns)

    Oh dear, I’ve been watching too much MSM. I’m sounding like a Moonbat.

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