Evening, Ye scurvy dogs

Just want to remind everyone who pops in to my little corner of the blogtropolis that I have changed the domain name to www.thepiratescove.us. The old names will still work, though. However, all pirate thongs reside at the new address. And they are some wonder pirate thongs. A shiny piece of gold pirate thong for all those who change to the new address.

I would also like to thank N.Z. Bear for all the help and patience he has given me through the domain name change. Thanks, NZ! Everyone should do like I am going to do, and buy something from Bears shop, maybe through him some cash, considering all that he has done for the Isle of Blog.

Finally, to those asswipes who were sending me virus laden email today, which failed, thanks to MacAfee, go here. (probably not work safe)

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6 Responses to “Evening, Ye scurvy dogs”

  1. moehawk says:

    you’ve been tagged with the “Turd in a punchbowl” meme…see my site for more details…

  2. moehawk says:

    oh yeah..thanks for your help to get me where i am in the blogosphere…couldn’t have done it without ye!

    btw….i think the link to basil is broken in the American Flag blogroll…it says “http://basilsblog.net” and my other link is the same but with the http://www….and it works.

    yeah, yeah, i know…i’m always bitching about something….

  3. moehawk says:

    oh yeah…GO GIANTS!

  4. no, you were right, moehawk. I forgot to put the www in it, and basil didn’t set the domain up to use the top level form.

    Fixed. I will check the meme.

  5. moehawk says:

    thanks. sorry to be such a turd in the punchbowl.:)

  6. Ogre says:

    And one day I’ll actually update my links to reflect that change. I’m just too lazy right now, I suppose. Where’s my welfare check? 😉

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