Code Pink in Iran

Boy, here’s a great (snicker) idea:

Building friendships : In this time of increased political tension between the US and Iran, American travel to Iran helps establish the people-to-people ties that facilitate understanding and respect between our two countries. In this spirit CODEPINK organized a delegation of 10 women, led by Co-founder Jodie Evans. The Women have arrived in Teheran and are sending daily writings about their trip and the people they are meeting.

Daily, huh? There have been 2 entries, one for the 21st and one for the 22nd (April). Perhaps they forgot to wear their burka’s, or have been hung or stoned to death for carnal relations, or, for just being a woman in Iran. Maybe they disappeared because they were American. They certainly would have stuck out wearing pink.

By all means, CodePink, let’s give aid and comfort to one of the worlds leading backers of terrorism. A country that has used chemical weapons in the past, and is now looking to produce nuclear weapons. A country which is also looking to (take this with a grain of salt, and HT to Right Wing News), knock out the US infrastructure through the use of an Electromagnetic Pulse nuclear weapon.

So, CodePink, keep cavorting with the potential enemy. Iran’s government and Islamic leaders sure feel that the US is the Great Satan. How about buying a clue?

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2 Responses to “Code Pink in Iran”

  1. Pile On® says:

    Dear God, I love CODEPINK. Could these women be any more clueless. Facilitating understanding and respect. You have to love that.

  2. Ogre says:

    They agree with the enemy — can we send MORE of them over there so there’s less of them here?

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