Bonfire of the Vanities is up

This weeks
Bonfire is
up at Am I
a Pundit Now?

I’m in it, again,
as usual. I think
Hamstermotor and
meself are competing
for worst Bonfire
entries. Go and read
and see why.

Hey, if this
format is good
enough for Beth,
it is good
enough for me. 🙂

Well, anyhow, go see Ken and read the Bonfire. (trackback to Ken will come later, no access to Haloscan on this PC)

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8 Responses to “Bonfire of the Vanities is up”

  1. Tom says:

    My bad post can kick your bad post’s ass, pirate-man!

  2. I won’t disagree on this weeks Bonfire, no Sir!

  3. No see, you really aren’t even in the running for the worst post there. You see, you made a critical error – you actually put effort into your post.

    So did HamsterMotor, he tried to make it bad, thus again showing the error of effort.

    Don’t try so hard next time.

  4. True, we were going for bad. Some of them are like “I cannot believe I wrote that.”

  5. Remember, just let the Zen of Mediocrity wash over you . . .

    Works for me every time!

  6. jody says:

    dang. I always forget
    to submit to the
    bonfire. I have
    awful blog posts
    all the time, I think
    my ratio is for every
    good post, I have 28
    bad ones…

  7. jody says:

    i can
    blog to
    the side
    too. Go
    Beth for
    a trend!

  8. Beth had to go and fix the problem. I kinda liked the format, was unique 🙂

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