But there’s no proof

I wonder if someone could explain to the USA Today that people are presumed innocent until proven guilty in this country, and that proof is required. I do believe they have forgotten the way that is supposed to work.

DeLay’s defenders say there is no proof he has broken any law. Perhaps so. But absent a forum for fair judgment, political invective is inevitable.

So, there is no proof that Delay did anything wrong, but let’s have a hearing to prove him innocent? Call me nuts, but that isn’t the way it is supposed to work in my country.

Oh, but wait a minute. It might be difficult to give Tom Delay his "day in court."

The House, facing new controversy about the travel of Majority Leader Tom DeLay, was left last night with no mechanism for investigating improper behavior by its members when Democrats shut down the ethics committee by refusing to accept Republican rules changes that restrict the panel’s power.

Democrats said they do not plan to allow the ethics committee to organize until Republicans repeal a series of rule changes they pushed through in January, making it more difficult to initiate an investigation unless at least one GOP member supports it.

That was March 11th. And it continues still. Maybe the GOP should stop F’ing around and go after Harry Reid, who has been involved in similar activities. And any other Dem who has done what Delay has done. Which was not illegal, it was, in fact, business as usual for a politician.

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2 Responses to “But there’s no proof”

  1. Jay says:

    Its just a typical left smear campaign. They can’t get over the fact that they are out of step with mainstream America! So they reduce their self to these kind of tactics.

    I’ve got a few petitions for you over at my site if you’ve got the time.

    By the way, excellent post!

  2. Ogre says:

    “absent a forum for fair judgment”

    But wait, when the press is passing judgement, aren’t they all about THEIR forum for judgement? Don’t they consider themselves “fair” and capable of passing judgement every day?

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