Congress may keep the Sun turned on longer

According to the AP, if the Congress critters get their way, the Sun will be turned on for a longer period of time in the future. This is being done in order to lower energy bills since they are skyrocketting as of late. This is a spectacular idea. A few extra hours of sunlight would be a boon.

Lawmakers crafting energy legislation approved an amendment Wednesday to extend daylight-saving time by two months, having it start on the last Sunday in March and end on the last Sunday in November.

"Extending daylight-saving time makes sense, especially with skyrocketing energy costs," said Rep. Fred Upton, R-Mich., who along with Rep. Ed Markey, D-Mass., co-sponsored the measure.

So they aren’t actually going to leave the Sun on a few extra hours? Maybe they are going to slow the Earth’s rotation. No? Hmm. Somehow, I fail to understand how extending daylight savings time a few weeks will, well, do anything.

We will still get exactly the same amount of sunlight. That will not change. Not one bit. It just means that instead of the Sun going down at say, 5pm, it will go down at 6pm. That might be helpful for the commute home, but it will not change the amount of sunlight delivered, nor affect energy bills. I would love to see the "science" where this idea comes from.

"The more daylight we have, the less electricity we use," said Markey, who cited Transportation Department estimates that showed the two-month extension would save the equivalent of 10,000 barrels of oil a day.

So then Congress is planning on slowing the Earth’s rotation? Yar, someone be needin’ a lesson in physics. And reality.

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14 Responses to “Congress may keep the Sun turned on longer”

  1. Ogre says:

    They claimed this long ago when they started this daylight savings crap. There’s not one single study that shows that daylight savings saves a single dollar anywhere. Can we just extend it 12 months so we don’t have to deal with the stupid time changes and be done with it?

  2. I hate daylight savings time living in NC. Just means that the AC stops working OT later at night.

    I didn’t mind it living at the Joisey Shore, meant could stay out in the surf longer. It also doesn’t get as hot.

  3. Maggie says:

    If they can turn ON the sunlight….

    Can they turn OFF the global warming?

    OMG (the blond said) If they turn on more sunlight, will we have MORE global warming?

    ;-D Heee Heee.

  4. Janette says:

    I hate the time change!!! Hate it, hate it, hate it!!! No really I hate it!

    I want more sun, I want longer days. Life going dark at 6:00 sucks. I’m an outside girl. I need sun light, as much sun light as possible!

    Alright, reality sucks, but I need that extra hour of Florida sunshine.

    The rational part of me knows that each state should be able to pick and choose “when” the sun goes down. The Florida girl in me says “Hell yeah! More sunshine? I’m all FOR IT!!”


  5. Maggie says:

    Janette, what are you doing OVER HERE commenting?

    I was close to frantic that you hadn’t posted since Wednesday….and said no she’s probably finishing up with the “move”….

    Now I find you having a good time reading Pirate!

  6. Maggie says:

    William, What do you think?

    Are we getting a little more RUNNING WILD than COMMON SENSE from Janette these days?


  7. Janette says:

    Maggie ( and Teach) ~

    I’m curently having a “crisis” at my blog which will be explained later. Any post I make on my blog now would probably be boiled down to “Bite me, Bite me, Bite me you stupid SOB’s.” Instead of doing that I’m using Pirate’s Cove as my decompression chamber. I hope to present well reasoned and itelligent post tomorrow.

    All will be explained. In the mean time let’s just say I have a nasty temper and a troll really ticked me off.

    William (Teach) has a fun and informative site that I use to blow off steam. I haven’t abandoned my site, I’m just currently stumped as to how to respond to a problem I’m having.

    Thanks for being worried!

  8. JulieB says:

    OK, back to daylight savings time…. i hate it. I really really hate it…. not the time per se, just don’t change it!!! Drives me nuts! really…. sorry…. I’m going away now..

  9. moehawk says:

    season is still young!

  10. I caught the troll stuff, Janette. Didn’t see what you deleted, but, probably do not want to know.

    Why doesn’t congress just turn the temp of the sun up in the winter? That would save some bucks.

  11. jody says:

    Touch my clock and die, growl.
    Actually I hate any time change and I only strictly adhere to Jody Standard Time, which means at least 15 minutes late to everything and there are 25 hours in a day. Anyone else want to join me? 😉

  12. Janette says:

    Sorry I’m one of those chronically early people. A minimum of 15 minutes where ever I go. Luckily my husband is the same way.

  13. Maggie says:

    My sister once called the house looking for me. The kids said I had left and be patient. My sister said, I’m worried, it’s 5:45 and she said she would be here by 6:00.

    What’s the problem asked my darlings she’s not late yet….Sister replies if your mom isn’t fifteen minutes early then something has happened to her!

  14. time is something that others must adhere to, in my opinion. Especially if the waves are pumping. 🙂

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