Now I’m a South Park Republican Pirate

Image hosting by Photobucket Per Beulah Mae’s sister Beth, we can all be South Park characters. Go here to create your own customized picture. Since it is Flash, you will have to do a screen capture and edit it down to about 269 pixels wide. Then, go here to MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and either email Beth or trackback. That way she can put together the gallery. Ahoy!

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6 Responses to “Now I’m a South Park Republican Pirate”

  1. South Park Pirates

    ‘Nuff said…Go here to make it happen for you!Thanks to the Pirate’s Cove……

  2. Ohhh that is just TOO cute…

  3. South Park Republican Patriot

    Now this is an excellent idea. Via Pirate’s Cove, Secure Liberty learns of a site where we can create our own South Park characters. I designed this one with Secure Liberty in mind (inspiration from my guess as to the appearance of a younger Ben Fran…

  4. Digger As A South Park Character

    Oh Yes, Yes Indeedy! Create your own here and be sure to see these other bloggers and a large gallery at Beth’s. Rusty Preston Pirates Cove Lime Shurbet Tempus Fugit Secure Liberty And don’t forgot to see the growing gallery…

  5. South Park Gallery.

    Beth di My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy (nell’immagine a sinistra) sta ospitando sul suo blog una South Park Blogger Gallery, composta da autoritratti in “stile South Park” creati utilizzando questo programma.

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