Real Complaints

An opera based on the Jerry Springer Show, which has been widley popular in the UK, was broadcast on the BBC Saturday, with a viewership of 1.7 million. 45,000 people complained to the BBC about it.

Approximately 5.6 million voted in Ohio, most of them among the living, and only 37 Ohioans have registered complaints.

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2 Responses to “Real Complaints”

  1. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but “37 Ohioans have FILED SUIT” is a very, very, very diffenent thing than “”. . . only 37 Ohioans have registered complaints”.

    The first statement may be true, the second is most definitely not.

  2. OK, I will grant you that point. I could probably take the easy way out and say “semantics,” but I would be lying. Still, vastly more people have complained in the UK then in Ohio.

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