Roll Call!

We all know that Kedwards missed the roll call vote for Porter Goss’ nomination. So I looked up who else missed.:

Akaka (D-HI)
Edwards (D-NC)
Jeffords (I-VT)
Kerry (D-MA)
Santorum (R-PA)
Specter (R-PA)

And the 17 who voted against? All democrats, including our buddies Clinton, Kennedy, Dodd, Byrd, and Levin.

But I said “hey, when have Kedwards voted, and how many?” Rather startling.

Kerry has attendend Senate votes 3 times this year. June 23 (3 votes), March 25 (2 votes), March 10 (5 votes), and March 2 (7 votes). That is 17 votes out of 187! Like a fools, I looked at ever vote from 187 to 123 at the official Senate website before remembering about Congressmerge, where, if you look up any Congress Critter, you can find out about all their votes. But, I learned something, which is that on many days, such as June 17, Kerry was the only one to miss Roll Call, and on other days, no more then 2 or 3 missed.

And Edwards? His last day attended was June 24. His voting record up to that point included more votes attended then missed.

Do we really need a President and Vice President who cannot show up for work? Sure, this has been done to death, but, think about it. Would you or I have a job? Would you or I get paid? Four days. That is Kerry’s contribution to the Senate this year, as least as far as votes go. I guess that is fine, considering all of Kerry’s accomplishments in the Senate.

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One Response to “Roll Call!”

  1. robin says:

    If Kedwards won, I’d rather the weenies not show up for work.

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