Job, Jobs, Jobs

Kerry and President Bush are out on the stump talking about creating jobs. It is really getting old. Government only creates jobs in its own sector. It can help create jobs in the private sector, but it doesn’t actually hire the people. Programs like tax breaks create jobs. Stability in Gov’t helps create consumer confidence, which helps create jobs. But the Feds do not actually hire anyone in the private sector.

So what are their ideas. Kerry has dozens of them, many which involve the Federal Gov’t way to much in business. Investment, raising the minimum wage,
tax credits, and so on. Lowering corporate tax by 5% will not keep jobs here in America. Especially when 35-33.25 is not = to 5. When other countries have much lower corporate taxes, 33.25 will not keep them here. Broadband investment should be doen in the private sector. Many people do not get broadband because of the cost. The feds would have to subsidize it. When taken as a whole, it adds up to putting the worker first. That is certainly nice, but it doesn’t create real jobs. The market does that. The market also looses them. Witness the issue. And, perhaps Kerry has forgotten about missing the vote to extend unemployment compensation this year.

Of course, Kerry has his “public service” idea. 500,000 jobs. Government sponsored and paid for. That is alot of money coming out of my pocket to pay for someone elses education, above the programs already in place. And, I would prefer people who are actually dedicated to their job, rather then just doing it to get money for college.

President Bush wants to spend money too. $500 million to pay for high tech training. But, he wants tax cuts and a simpler tax code. He wants to allow small business to band together to lower health care premiums, which is a hell of an idea. (I used to work for a company with well over 100k employees. Paid about $16 a month. That tripled when we split off, and have about 20K employees.) He wants to promote better education. He wants broadband, as well. But it is about providing access, not paying for everyone to have broadband. When it comes right down to the nitty gritty, many of the ideas are similar. But it is in paying for them, and how much government involment there is, that makes the difference. Kerry wants deep involvement, GWB doesn’t.

There is quite a bit to digest. Check out their respective plans. Compare them. Maybe I will get down to the nitty gritty later. But, as Mr. Bortz says, don’t believe what I say without checking it out yourself.

BTW, take a look at Kerry’s official website, and see how the Kerry campaign is really going Dean.

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