Chicken or egg?

Shopping. Yes, shopping. For clothes. Unless you want a suit, it is truly annoying. Men do not like to shop for clothes. Why? Partly, it is because, for most of us, sweats or shorts and a t-shirt is just fine. Socks? What are socks? But it isn’t easy to shope for clothes, particularly casual. Suits: no prob. Everything else: issues.

First, have to make it to the mall. Woo hoo. Now, you are faced with “can you find a spot farther from the door?” or “just find a spot already.” Followed by “could you have found a spot farther from the door?”

Now, entre’ to the mall. People walking every which way, some being passed by turtles and snails. Find the first department store. It doesn’t matter what you had planned on, but you WILL enter through the floor that has the cosmetics counter. Sticking a feather up my nose would be kinder. Now, to wander throughout the store, to find that miniscule section of mens wear. There it is, after torture of walking through the lingere department. No models, no women visually trying it on. What a waste.

Now hunt through the available stuff. This wasn’t what I wanted. No cuffs. Wrong size. Wrong color. $55???? Doesn’t fit very well. I’m out of here. On to the next store. Wasn’t the cosmetics section on the other floor? Repeat at 2 or 3 other department stores.

On to a mens only store. Ok, Brooks Brothers. “No, I don’t want help, I’ll let you know.” Heck with it, close enough, let me pay and escape. “Please, not into a womans store, I beg you!”

The problem is that stores just do not have enough stuff for men. Which came first, men not shopping, so the selection is limited, or the limited selections, causing men to hate shopping? Just try and find size 8-8 1/2 sized dress shoes. Good luck.

And hanging around in Victoria’s Secret pretending to shop for your woman can only last so long 🙂

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  2. Jim Milings says:

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