My 1 Cent

Why only 1 cent? Well, I only caught McCain, Rudy, some of Laura, and most of the Presidents speech. Was at a convention myself, so missed most. Really wanted to see Arnold and Zell, will just have to make due with the transcript. Zell must have been great, as the Left is going crazy on him. Smearing him. Yeah, that should make him want to return to the Demoratic (dropped the C on purpose) fold if they change for the better.

What did I see? I saw optimism. I saw the speakers speaking TO the audience, not AT the audience. I felt a connection with the people, not a disconnect with the people. I didn’t feel the condescention, nor did I feel patronized, as I did watching the Demoratic speakers. Because the GOP speakers spoke to me.

The messages? The messages from the GOP were here we are, this is what we stand for. This is what we have done. This is what we will do. And, at times, this is what our opponents have done, and will do. The GOP did not play on fear and hatred, divisiveness and disconnect.

Was GWB’s speech a home run? No. To me, it seemed designed to bring order, and to talk with the undecideds, and those who are leaning slightly to the left. He talked about moving to the future. He talked about doing things. IRS, taxes, Social Security, Medicare, etc. He didn’t dwell on 30+ years ago.

One wonderful thing was the podium. It jutted way out into the audience. It was very open. Again, it created a connection. It is like a rock star running out into the audience along a thin catwalk.

More later….. work time

Ok, to finish the thought. What I saw was President Bush answering the question he has been asked for quite some time: what is he going to do in a second term. He did that admirably. As some have said, it was more like a State of the Union address. That’s OK. That is what the people, and the media wanted to know. Most (rational) people understand that what President Bush says is what he means. Period. Can we expect him to take a swing at what he is proposing? Yes, we can.

He protrayed a man who has confidence, and is trustworthy. He was able to laugh at himself several times. He paid homage to others. His wife, his childred, his parents and siblings. In contrast, Kerry paid homage to, well, himself.

I will make the prediction of a 7 point bump by the release of polls monday or tuesday.

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