Kerry listening to Matthews?

Finally got around to reading the transcript of the old fashioned “open a can of woop ass” that Senator Zell Miller laid on Chris Matthews (just priceless), and came across this little gem from earlier in the night:

MATTHEWS: I am telling you, I think it‘s going to exact a response from John Kerry.

My own hunch, having watched politicians for a long time, if he doesn‘t come back and show—I hate to be sexist—his manhood and come back and say, how dare somebody accuse me of not caring about our troops, of not caring about this country, of accusing my of using spitballs to defend us, to mock my valor and my commitment, this is so personal, if he lets somebody write his speech tomorrow, he is making a big mistake.

Then what happened midnight after President Bush’s speech? Kerry’s sanity went the same way it went the day he beached his swift boat. Away.

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