The Left is really out there

It is simply amazing that someone on a political forum would bring this up:

pentagon strike video
by LauraKilled1, 9/2/04
it’s “flash”, so if you don’t have it…

also, i’m sure i’ll get some ^^nutjob crap, but be open minded for once and watch it…

From my understanding, it all revolves around that 9/11 wasn’t really a terrorist attack, but an orchestrated misdirection attempt by Bush. It is all fake. The Pa flight was shot down. The WTC planes fired missiles just before hitting them. The Pentagon plane doesn’t exist.

Of course, in the next breath they will tell us that the Iraq war has distracted the US from getting Al Queda and OBL.

Consider that someone actually spent time making this filth. Consider that much of the time frame is skewed. And, that sure sounds like Hitler speaking at the beginning of the the clip. We have the “silver plane” conspiracy included, of course. Take a look yourself, and be astounded.

PS: if it wasn’t Flight 77, where did Flight 77 go? Did it just disappear into some Bermuda Triangle type space time continuum? Aliens? Oh, wait, maybe there was no Flight 77. Ya know, I think I will go with the 9/11 Commission Report information.

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