Thomas Friedman: Warmists Should Go Crazy If Obama Approves Keystone XL

This op-ed piece came the day before the NY Times editorial board decided to say they can’t support Keystone (via The Hockey Schtick and James Taranto)

No to Keystone. Yes to Crazy.

I HOPE the president turns down the Keystone XL oil pipeline. (Who wants the U.S. to facilitate the dirtiest extraction of the dirtiest crude from tar sands in Canada’s far north?) But I don’t think he will. So I hope that Bill McKibben and his coalition go crazy. I’m talking chain-themselves-to-the-White-House-fence-stop-traffic-at-the-Capitol kind of crazy, because I think if we all make enough noise about this, we might be able to trade a lousy Keystone pipeline for some really good systemic responses to climate change.

Taranto writes

Remember when the Times and some of its columnists were crusading to silence “uncivil” language by their political adversaries and media rivals? By contrast, directly urging unlawful activity is acceptable on the pages of the Times if it furthers a leftist agenda.

Say, I wonder when Thomas will give up his own fossil fueled travel?

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Comment by Kevin
2013-03-12 11:57:39

I don’t believe people who are crazy can ‘go crazy’ anymore. You only get to do that once.

Comment by john
2013-03-12 12:41:31

why should we help the Canadians to put their oil out on the world market through a US deep water port ? Without the pipeline they will have to continue to sell the oil to us at a discount price. Why should we let them sell it off to the Chinese at a higher price?

Comment by gitarcarver
2013-03-12 13:42:10

As I said yesterday john the Canadians have deep water ports so you continually trying to base a point bases on the idea they don’t is contrary to facts.

Secondly, if the Chinese gain control of the oil, prices on every priduct in the US will rise because of increased energy costs. That increase will affect the lower and middle class the most.

So why are you advocating a position that will cost the US jobs, hurt the economy, and hurt the lower and middle class?

Comment by Kevin
2013-03-12 17:57:16

Ok, I’m starting to see what you guys were talking about :).

Comment by Trish
2013-03-13 11:05:59

Hah! Kevin!


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