Socialist Worker Not A Big Fan Of Cap And Rebate AGW Scheme

Why, because only 3/5ths of the money goes back to the people. The article actually provides a pretty good explanation of how the Boxer/Sanders legislation would work (I’ve got it somewhere back in the archives, too), then we get

(Socialist Worker) But Boxer and Sanders undercut the “fee-and-dividend” plan in a crucial respect: Their legislation would only rebate 60 percent of revenues from the carbon fee, leaving the likelihood that consumers would part of the price increases–since energy companies wouldn’t be restricted in any way from passing on the cost.

Worse, the two Democrats make a completely unnecessary nod to “deficit hawks” by proposing that 25 percent of carbon fee revenues be used to reduce the deficit. The real solution to the deficit is taxing the rich.

That’s pretty much the solution to every fiscal problem for the Left, tax the rich. Anyhow, they don’t like that plan. They prefer James Hansen’s 100% rebate idea, but even that has limitations, in that it dares to leave actual decisions in the hands of evil corporations. Let’s jump to the end

Only when we lose respect for those willing to destroy the planet and build a radical environmental movement, with the working class at its heart, will we be able to stop fracking, stop strangling the earth with pipelines, save the planet, dump the oil companies and build a new world based on solidarity and sustainability.

Gee, ya think this is about the healing the planet or about installing far left control mechanisms and government?

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5 Responses to “Socialist Worker Not A Big Fan Of Cap And Rebate AGW Scheme”

  1. john says:

    The conservative right wing Daily Caller 2 days ago said that the planet was the hottest it had been in 4000 years

  2. john says:

    Gee now.even drudge is reporting that the overall Commander. Of all US forces in the.Pacific is a warmist

  3. First, people are already starting to tear that “report” apart, but it still doesn’t prove anthropogenic causation.

    Second, that Admiral is a boob, considering that North Korea just said “screw the 1953 armistice.

  4. gitarcarver says:

    Actually john thr truth is a little diffetent than you put forth. The Daily Caller is not saying the earth is its warmest in 4000 years. The Daily Caller is reporting the New York Times is saying a yet unpublished, non-peer rrviewed paper is making the claim.

    One must wonder why you chose to represnt this as if the Daily Caller was agreeing with you when clearly they are not.

    And yes, after spending two days amongst people who put forth nothing but tje idea that AGW is real, and not even listening to real science, Admiral Locklear said he thinks global warming is the greatest threat to man.

    To think that with North Korea ready to launch nuclear war and the Chinese rattling their saber at Japan and other nations is not more of a threat shows the Admiral may not be up to the task he was assigned.

  5. Trish says:

    GC- as most of Obama’s appointees, you may very well be correct in your assessment of this general.
    As for the notion that it is a danger somewhere down the road, well sure it is. So is Yellowstone a danger, in fact it could quite possibly be the end of the wrold when it blows. But there’s nothing we can do about it. And no indication it (Global warming) is imminent. None. Nothing to prove that oceans are rising or ice packs are permanently going away. No temperature gains pr losses that are unacceptable changes up or down and occur throughout history.

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