Hotcoldwetdry Is Apparently Now “Intergenerational Evil”

And “the fundamental moral issue of our time”

Climate Change: Generational Evil (VIDEO)

The following video is a compact and emotionally moving overview of the problem and solutions to climate change. It is designed to be a quick and compelling way to get up to speed on the issue and help others do the same.

In 2012 the dangers of human-caused climate disturbance became undeniable, making this the fundamental moral issue of our time. The following features clips from the world’s most respected climate scientist, NASA’s James Hansen, and two key advocates for systemic change: Bill McKibben and David Roberts.

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Comment by Dana
2013-03-06 11:05:19
Comment by William Teach
2013-03-06 12:06:34

Well, remember that snow is caused because you drive a fossil fueled vehicle

Comment by Gumball_Brains
2013-03-07 01:24:18

Moral issue.. guess starving african children is solved. Guess murdered christians is all peaceful. Guess human trafficking is finished. Guess pedophilia has been eliminated.

Comment by William Teach
2013-03-07 11:06:06

In Warmist World it is moral to restrict the use of fossil fuels that would better the lives of 3rd world residents in order to keep the global temps from rise 0.0F over the past 16 years.


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