Beer Monday Linkfest: GOP’s “The Change You Deserve”

Happy Monday! Time to get busy, impress the bosses, shift a few paradigms. How ’bout a beer?


I will wait till later to decide whether to raise a stein, or whether the these folks have been raising too many

House Republican leaders, facing a potentially disastrous election this fall, will introduce a campaign message today in which they promise voters “the change you deserve” while arguing that Democrats in Congress have dropped the ball, according to a leadership strategy memo to rank-and-file members.

“It starts with this: Washington is broken, the American people want it fixed, and Democrats in Washington have proven unable or unwilling to get the job done. Republicans will,” says the memorandum, a copy of which was obtained by The Washington Times.

The message being circulated today is part of a campaign strategy on which the leadership will brief members this week. It includes a scheduled Wednesday announcement of the party’s new “American Families Agenda.”

Too be honest, reading the whole Washington Times story, I’m not impressed. Looks more like the GOP electacritters are trying to be the anti-Democrats while using some of the same issues, rather then upholding core Conservative principles, which are low taxes, a reduced size and scope of government, government that stays out of our personal and business lives, and protects the country from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. Stop getting involved in all the moral issues, those should be left to churches and state and local government.

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7 Responses to “Beer Monday Linkfest: GOP’s “The Change You Deserve””

  1. John Ryan says:

    The Rev Sun Moon (owner of the Washington Times) DOES approve of the Republican Party’s “New Family Agenda”

  2. forest hunter says:

    I joined a Gospel Choir about a month ago (I live in Japan) and we have a big concert coming up later this month. There are over 100 members, all Japanese but yours truly.

    (Hang on I’m getting to it!) Several of the songs end with a big Alleluia shouted out and the choir directors asked me to teach them additional phrases. I obliged them.

    ALLELUIA GIMME A BEER! I knew I was home. That many voices shouting *gimme a beer* was in a word awesome!

    I don’t know if they’ll actually do that during the concert but 70% of us laughed our ass off!

  3. Now that was funny! Love it.

  4. David says:

    Wow, It’s like the Republicans recent control of the three branchs of gov. for years and years never happened.

    I guess there is nothing to answer to when your historical reference is no longer than a week, eh Republicans?

    Just shameless, IMHO.

  5. David says:


  6. steveegg says:

    Hmmm, “The change you deserve”. Nothing like an ex-slogan of an anti-depressant.

  7. Looks like we are going to have to wait till wednesday till they reveal the first part of the plan. Hopefully, it will be much less dumb then the slogan.

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