Beer Monday Linkfest: Liberals Need To Find A Life

Happy Monday to all. It's a perfect day to start the work week on the East Coast. Dark, dreary, rainy. Exactly the kind of conditions that make going to work after the weekend not so bad.

I'll tell ya, libs need some serious alchohol

[gv data=”7BfgrU_cZyM”][/gv]

Then again, maybe the problem is that they have had way too much alchohol, and should try what the commercial brought up.

I bet none of them actually enjoyed the beautiful day at the beach, either. Probably seethed non-stop. This is not the first of these crazy projects, and certainly won't be the last. The constant petitions, demonstrations, and silly stunts, just show how unhinged the Left actually is, as well as how in need of a real life they really are. I'd say introduce them to normal hobbies, but they would probably turn those into hate Bush screetch-fests.


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One Response to “Beer Monday Linkfest: Liberals Need To Find A Life”

  1. rougy says:

    You’re a fucking asshole.

    Bush should be impeached and you should be horse-whipped.

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