Warmist Sacramento To Ban New Gas Stations To Save The Planet

If they were truly concerned they ban all fossil fueled stations in the city now and force them to shut down. I’m seeing at least 20 in the city limits. Be funny as hell if they all decided to take their business to other cities. How many of them are convenience stores, and will be taking their coffee and stuff with them? It would also be funny as hell if all the gas stations refused to sell to the city government. But, then, what’s the chance the city owns at least one depot that dispenses gas?

City introduces milestone law outright banning new gas stations — here’s what the policy means for residents

Sacramento has taken proactive steps to accelerate the phasing out of dirty-fuel-powered vehicles in the city, announcing a plan to ban new gas stations.

That should give Californians who are on the fence about buying an electric car a jolt, with traditional gas stations on the way out in favor of more electric charging infrastructure.

The policy, set out as part of the 2040 Sacramento General Plan, is calling for only “future-ready” facilities to be constructed in the coming years as well as updates to existing traditional gas stations to provide increased electric vehicle refueling points.

CSP Daily News posted part of the plan’s wording, which read, “The city shall prohibit the establishment of new gas stations or the expansion of new fossil fuel infrastructure at existing gas stations unless the project proponent provides 50kW or greater direct current fast charger electric-vehicle charging stations on site at a ratio of at least one new charging station per one new gas fuel nozzle.”

As you might have seen, stations have to periodically close their pumps and dig out the old tanks, replacing them with new ones. So, unless they put in all the chargers they cannot. There might be some new ones that will go “sure, we’ll put in the charging stations, but, we’re going to charge quite a bit for their usage.”

This is all government Authoritative Socialism, controlling the economy, regardless of what those peasants think. Regardless of their needs. But, hey, the people of Sacramento should keep their complaints to themselves: they voted for this. They should be asking if the people in the city government making these rules are driving EVs themselves right now.  And, where’s all this electricity coming from? But, what the high muckitymucks really want is the peasants to have no private vehicles at all.

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3 Responses to “Warmist Sacramento To Ban New Gas Stations To Save The Planet”

  1. SD says:


    “This it torturous more than it is aid” – Gaza influencer unwraps a MRE – and it doesn’t go well! (Re Post)

    • Professor Hale says:

      I tend to agree with the sentiment that MREs are mostly unpalatable. But then, on my last couple of trips, I was never more than 4 hours away from a hot meal. Sounds to me as if “Gaza influencers” just aren’t all that hungry.

  2. Professor Hale says:

    no new Gas stations = no competition for existing gas stations to newer shiny versions.

    Funny how all those gas stations, pipelines and refineries were built with private investment but EV infrastructure needs government investment.

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