Trump And Biden Have Different Messages As They Visited The Border

Here’s Biden

Who the hell did he salute? The male Border Patrol agent sure looks like he’s trying to get away

On the Rio Grande, 300 miles apart, Biden and Trump try to use immigration to election advantage

On the banks of the same Rio Grande but 300 miles apart, President Joe Biden and GOP challenger Donald Trump on Thursday surveyed the U.S.-Mexico border and tussled from a distance over who is to blame for the nation’s broken immigration system and how to fix it. (snip)

Biden sought to spotlight the necessity of a bipartisan border security bill that was tanked by Republicans on Trump’s orders, and flat-out asked the Republican front-runner to join him in supporting a congressional push for more funding and tighter restrictions.

“Here’s what I would say to Mr. Trump,” Biden said. “Instead of playing politics with the issue, join me, or I’ll join you in telling the Congress to pass this bill. You know and I know it’s the toughest, most efficient, most effective border security bill this country’s ever seen.”

It takes some serious huzzpah to blame Trump and Republicans for tanking a bad bill that codified illegal immigration after Biden destroyed the U.S. border security. The Border Patrol union knows who the bad guy is. LGB.

“I want the American people to know what we’re trying to get done,” Biden said. “We can’t afford not to do this.”

This is his fault!

Trump simply blamed Biden.

He traveled to Eagle Pass, roughly 325 miles northwest of Brownsville, in the corridor that’s currently seeing the largest number of migrant crossings. He met with Republican Gov. Greg Abbott and Texas National Guard soldiers who have commandeered a local park and put up razor wire fencing at the river’s edge to keep migrants from crossing illegally. The park has become a Republican symbol of defiance against the federal government.

“This is like a war,” Trump said.

Gazing out over the river through the razor wire, Trump raised his fist and waved and shouted to people on the Mexico side, who waved back. Then, he declared that migrants arriving to the border were criminals and some were terrorists, a dialed-up version of the accusations he often used during the 2016 campaign. This time, he’s started to harness rhetoric once used by Adolf Hitler to argue migrants are poisoning the blood of America.

“They’re being let into our country and it’s horrible,” Trump said. “It’s horrible.”

Don’t anyone say the Associated Press has a bias. Once the Everyone I Hate Is Hitler yammering comes out, you’ve lost the argument. Trump is right, and most Americans are agreeing with him: they want the border shut down and illegals deported ASAP.

And now that Biden has sorta visited the border, it will be put on the back burner.

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8 Responses to “Trump And Biden Have Different Messages As They Visited The Border”

  1. Dana says:

    Sure, they blamed each other, but there’s one indisputable fact: illegal immigration was significantly reduced under President Trump, and has subsequently soared under President Biden.

  2. Dana says:

    How is it that illegal immigration was reduced under the Merchant from Mar-a-Lago, without any need for congressional action — the Democrats would have filibustered any changes proposed by President Trump — but the dummkopf from Delaware says that he can’t do anything without Congress changing the laws?

    All Joe Biden would have to have done was not cancel Mr Trump’s policies!

  3. MN Steel says:

    That may explain the current head, but there must be an apology for Operation Warp Speed from the other, or he becomes the greatest mass-murderer in US history to date.

    You are on your own, if you are depending on anyone outside your tribe.

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      That may explain the current head, but there must be an apology for Operation Warp Speed from the other, or he becomes the greatest mass-murderer in US history to date.

      Operation warp speed was put together by the United States government including Trump and all the information from the CDC and NIH along with “experts” from all over academia and institutions but mostly Fauci. If you think that trump did that all on his own he didn’t. I think he probably named it but it didn’t come up with it.

      I bet you still support that little wop Fauci and all his lies and denials and I bet you still support everything they did from the masks to the social distancing to the closing of businesses and schools and yet you’re ridiculed trump for being there at the beginning. Had you been president then what would you have done? Nothing? A leftist like you gave him shit for stopping air travel between China and the US.

      So if you’re looking for a “greatest mass murderer in history” to date you better look at that little Diego and not at Trump. Trump’s mistake was believing in and supporting Fauci everything else was done by the CDC with Fauci in charge.

      Leftists like you are such misanthropes it’s hard to believe you could still exist without putting a bullet in your own brain. Which may not be a bad idea mn steal.

      • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

        By the way mn steal I can tell by your method of writing that you’re just another iteration of elwood pee dowd. But thanks for trying.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:


        Was Mr Trump just incompetent with Operation Warp Speed, which according to many conservatives, killed a million Americans and made 10s of millions sick? Trump and his minions take credit for all the so-called “good” things that happened 2017 through 2020, so shouldn’t he accept the blame for the evils of vaccinations??

        It’s possible that the vaccination program was effective and safe and a feather in the MAGA caps, or it was a deadly conspiracy in which case Trump is responsible for harming millions of Americans.

        Dr Fauci was not in charge of the CDC. Dr Redfield, appointed by Trump, headed the CDC.

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Yeah, Trump was/is and always will be worse than Hitler because Hitler never said pussy!
      Got it.

  4. CarolAnn says:

    There is another indisputable fact Dana: the man who has been in office for the last three years during which an invasion of his own design occurred is trying to blame a man who’s been out of office for the last three years for what happened. No sane person can believe Trump has anything to do with the three years policies of Biden and if they do they need to see a doctor.

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