UN Head Takes Long Fossil Fueled Flight To Demand That The Madness Stop

Does anyone think he took a commercial flight, followed by some other fossil fueled travel from Kathmandu in the form of prop planes, helicopters, and/or SUVs?

‘Stop the madness’ of climate change, UN chief declares

Nepal has lost almost a third of its ice volume in 30 years, with glaciers melting 65 per cent faster in the last decade than in the previous one.

“The rooftops of the world are caving in,” the UN chief said, warning that the “disappearance of glaciers altogether” looms even larger.

“Glaciers are icy reservoirs – the ones here in the Himalayas supply fresh water to well over a billion people. When they shrink, so do river flows,” he added. (snip)

The Secretary-General said his mission to the Everest region, was to “cry out from the rooftop of the world.”

“Stop the madness,” he emphasized, underscoring the need to end the age of fossil fuel to protect people on the frontlines of climate change induced destruction.

“We must act now to…limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C, to avert the worst of climate chaos. The world can’t wait,” he concluded.

If every member of the Cult of Climastrology went and made their own lives carbon neutral this whole thing would be solved, per their dogma.

You can see a much bigger and wider version at the link. Notice the district: it includes many very high peaks, including Mt. Everest at the border with China. I can’t quite tell if that is Everest in the back, I think it is, but, regardless, it is quite a trek to get from Kathmandu up into that region. There’s almost no roads, so, he either flew a fossil fueled prop plane to Lukla airport and took a fossil fueled helicopter, or took one from Kathmandu. You can bet he’s not going to do all that walking and trekking for many days, not at that altitude.

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10 Responses to “UN Head Takes Long Fossil Fueled Flight To Demand That The Madness Stop”

  1. alanstorm says:

    ‘Stop the madness’ of climate change propaganda

    There, that’s more accurate.

  2. Professor Hale says:

    If every member of the Cult of Climastrology went and made their own lives carbon neutral this whole thing would be solved…

    I doubt it. The number of people who actually believe this are a very small percent of a small percent. It seems like more than that since the entire Democratic party in America claims to truly believe. But when you look at just the populations of India and China, that is half the planet right there who have zero tolerance for silliness. Add in everyone else in Asia, Africa, south and central America and you see the math just doesn’t add up for creating carbon neutrality just with believers. Everyone on the planet has to be forced to force Americans to pay higher taxes in perpetuity for this to be achieved. And since that is the only real purpose behind Climate change activism, that is the only goal that matters.

  3. Jl says:

    I agree, it’s very strange that glaciers are melting during an inter-glacial period…

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:


      You may not realize this as it’s somewhat sciency. The freezing point of water is 0 degree C. As it warms up, ice melts!

      • Jl says:

        And during an inter-glacial, ice is supposed to melt! Please to keep up, ok?
        But I’m sure it never melted in the “old days”, right?

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:


          Please try to keep up, OK?

          Is it your understanding that during interglacial periods glaciers melt until they are gone and then refreeze as the Earth enters a glacial period?

          The Earth is in a period of rapid warming today and glaciers are melting. This is really not important except for one thing: human beings. The Earth doesn’t care!!

          • Jl says:

            Poor J-glaciers have been melting on and off for along time during periods of lower CO2. The “rapid warming” isn’t any more rapid than earlier in the Holocene. Funny, you keep bringing up glaciers melting but of course you can’t pinpoint the cause, which would be the issue. But please keep trying to deflect..

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            We have a pretty good understanding of why ice melts.

            Glaciers grow from snow and lose mass by melting. That interplay determines the net mass.

            Here’s the Gregory et al 2013 link for others. Obviously, you’re already quite familiar with it.

            They did conclude that an Alpine glacier melted rapidly during the 20s and 30s (see their figure 3) and noted a northern hemisphere heat wave during that time that also increased the melt in the Arctic and Greenland!

  4. Jl says:

    Gregory et al., 2013 and Shepard et al., 2012 -glacier melt rate higher than today in the 1920s and 1930s.

  5. Jl says:

    Yes, so in other words the warmth came from something other than CO2.

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