PRC Law Requires Fast Food Workers To Get Minimum $20 An Hour

All the people who support this law, who cheered for it, advocated for it, will be very surprised when the number of employees at fast food locations is cut way down and they’re replaced with technology and automation. Especially surprised will be the ones who had jobs

California fast-food workers to earn minimum of $20 an hour under new law

unintended consequencesFast-food workers in California will earn a minimum of $20 an hour and have a greater say in setting workplace standards under a new bill signed into law on Thursday by Governor Gavin Newsom.

“The future happens here first,” Newsom said at an event in Los Angeles, with labor officials and fast-food workers flanking him.

“The future is fewer jobs” would be a wonderful campaign slogan for Democrats, eh?

The legislation emerged as part of a broader compromise in which fast-food companies agreed to remove a 2024 ballot referendum asking voters to repeal a law aimed at improving wages and working conditions for employees.

Labor unions, meanwhile, dropped their push to hold fast-food corporations liable for violations committed by their franchisees.

The median fast-food worker in the U.S. earned $13.43 an hour in 2022, while those in California made an average of $16.60 an hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The new minimum, which takes effect in April, equates to an annual salary of $41,600.

The compromise will lead to more stores replacing workers with electronic ordering boards and methods to make the food autonomously. And price hikes. Don’t forget price hikes! San Francisco and LA are already the most expensive in the country.

There are more than 550,000 fast-food workers at 30,000 locations statewide, Newsom said. The majority are the primary providers for their families – contrary to the perception that fast-food workers are teenagers in their first jobs – while 80% are minorities and two-thirds are women, he added.

I wonder how many there will be within a year? How many will close? And how soon till the same people demand $25 an hour?

Also in California

(Fox11) A woman accused of shoplifting at a nail supply store in California returned to the building after realizing she left her phone there.

The woman, who was with a second suspect, targeted the nail supply store in Murrieta on September 19.

According to the store owner, the two women went into the store pretending to buy the supplies. When it came time to pay, the suspects instead ran out of the building with about $600 worth of items.

One of the suspects returned to the store after realizing her phone and her ID were still at the business she allegedly shoplifted. She demanded her phone back, but the store owner and the clerk told her she can get her phone back if she returned the allegedly stolen items.

Instead of making peace, the suspect threw the owner to the ground and roughed up the cashier who was pregnant.

Both were arrested, but, will probably be released under California’s soft on criminals policies.

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3 Responses to “PRC Law Requires Fast Food Workers To Get Minimum $20 An Hour”

  1. Regardless of at where the wages are set, businesses still have to make money, or they go out of business. So, as the Pyrite State forces increases in wages, prices have to increase as well.

    You know for whom this is good news? Kentuckians! Missourians! Because federal taxes are uniform throughout the country, Californians will be taxed at their inflated earnings rate, so, even though they won’t be living any better than us hillbillies, they’ll be paying more dollars into the federal treasury.

    More, since we have a wholly misnamed ‘progressive’ federal income tax structure, there are those in California who are pushed into higher tax percentage brackets than Missourians who are living in pretty much the same real circumstances, but with fewer actual dollars involved.

    How about retirees? Social Security raises are pegged to the inflation rate, and that includes the prices of things in California. As inflation in California pushes up the overall inflation rate in the United States, Social Security payments will increase, and, for those of us in lower inflation states, our Social Security checks will increase at a slightly higher rate than inflation in our areas.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Conservatives have always opposed workers being paid for their work.

    $20/hr is about $41,600/yr.

    And of course, employers strive to pay as little as possible. Please note that in general the rich are getting richer and the workers poorer. Maybe it’s time to “eat” into profits a little to reward the people actually doing the work.

    Anyway, Mickey D’s was already moving to consumer ordering through lobby kiosks. The economy will adjust as it always does.

    In these parts, every McDonalds has Now Hiring signs with $13.50 to start, paid vacation and other bennies.

  3. L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

    Newsome as usual doesn’t know what he’s doing. Fast food workers in California can’t live on less than $50 an hour plus benefits. You know the next step is going to be to require all workers to have health care insurance. Including the types that pay for them to take six month pregnancy leaves and take six months off for transgender mutilation. The left is going completely bonkers if they don’t see at this point that $50 an hour has to be the minimum wage.

    Apparently he only concentrates on fast food workers and such what about those guys in the middle? They’re running $3-4,000 thousand dollars a week shouldn’t they earn at least $7000 a week? They can’t maintain their standard of living as related to the food workers if they don’t get a substantial raise themselves so if the food workers are going up 50% I think it only failed that everybody else goes up 50% don’t you?

    I also think that everybody on the state payroll should make at least$350.00 an hour. That’s a beginning wage has in just starting.

    Being a fireman I think fireman should earn $10,000 a week because of the inherent risk they take along with policemen. Police and firemen should also have the option to retire after 15 years of service or by the age of 40 whichever comes first. Their retirement pension should be two times their maximum amount of pay plus all their benefits So what if a guy retired at $10,000 a week you should get $20,000 a week on retirement pay. That should settle the problematic money income question in California.

    After all Gavin newsom there’s so much about business and so much specifically about the restaurant business that he should be able to pick and choose how much employees for other people should be paid.

    As far as Democrats are concerned you can always tell when an election is coming up. They start throwing away crazy azzed spending tell another people how much they should pay their employees of course all kinds of new plans and stuff for the so-called climate. And lately they’ve taken to prosecuting and indicting all their opposition. So let’s see where we’re at, they hand out money to everybody to vote for them they prosecute anybody who won’t vote for them and all they care about is their own power. Yep that about covers the entire Democrat platform as well as there philosophy.

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