Illegal Alien Loving Governor Of New York Wants Illegals To Go Elsewhere

As I keep writing, Democrats didn’t vote for this, they voted for unfettered illegal immigration for Somewhere Else

Gov. Kathy Hochul has message for migrants looking to come to New York: ‘Go somewhere else’

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul seemingly changed her tune on the migrant crisis Thursday, remarking during a CNN appearance, “If you’re going to leave your country, go somewhere else.”

“We have to let the word out that when you come to New York, you’re not going to have more hotel rooms,” Hochul said. “We don’t have capacity, so we have to also message properly.”

“The smarter thing is to apply for asylum before you leave your country,” the governor added.

The notable shift comes after the Democrat previously touted New York’s sanctuary status.

During her appearance on CNN, Hochul said she would support New York’s “right to shelter” law being recalled or rescinded amid the migrant crisis because it was originally intended to address homeless men on the streets experiencing AIDS, and then it was expanded to apply to families.

The governor said it was never meant to ensure “an unlimited, universal right or obligation on the city to have to house literally the entire world.”

Supporting mass illegal immigration and people demanding asylum (but most won’t get it so they disappear into the country) is super easy when it’s Somewhere Else. Proclaiming your state is a sanctuary is super easy when Other People have to deal with the fallout. Talking about how great illegals are is super easy when Someone Else has to pay for it.

Hochul said during her CNN appearance she had to be certain not to support a policy that can draw more people because places like New York “really are at capacity.”

“We have large hearts. You want to be generous and supportive to people who are experiencing humanitarian crisis, but there is a limit to what we can do,” the governor said.

New York has received a pittance of what the border states have dealt with. Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis should send a whole bunch to NY’s capital, Albany. Suddenly Dems having to deal with the outcome of their beliefs are backtracking.

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