20% Of Climate Cranks Fear They Will Have To Move

This is what happens when all the various members of the climate cult, especially the media, politicians, and Elites, persistently beat the drum of doom

USA TODAY, Ipsos poll: 20% of Americans fear climate change could force them to move

An exclusive USA TODAY/Ipsos poll finds a gaping American divide over climate change.

Polling data shows an almost an equal number of people believe two completely different things: About one-in-five people surveyed were so concerned they think global warming will make it more difficult to live in their area. About the same number said they either don’t know if climate change is happening or don’t believe in it at all.

The poll even found links between how Americans perceive the weather and their views on climate change, with people who don’t believe in climate change often less likely to report an uptick in extreme weather.

The polarized divide over climate change is well-documented, but the latest data sheds new light on Americans’ experiences with extreme weather, how experiencing extreme weather affects Americans’ view of climate change and the nation’s largely pessimistic predictions about the changing climate.

It basically shows that Democrats are brainwashed fools, happy to buy into whatever the grand high poobahs in the climate cult tell them, and willing to give up their money and freedom, all while watching the big wigs live their lives with huge carbon footprints.

A full 68% said extreme weather events will become more frequent in the near future. And 39% said climate change was negatively affecting their everyday life.

So, 39% are bat guano insane.

  • Only 28% of Republicans believe climate change is mostly caused by human activity.
  • For Democrats, that number is 82% and for Independents, it’s 56%.

And yet, very few of those Democrats and Independents will make changes in their own lives. Changing to an LED or CFL lightbulb doesn’t count.

  • Just 34% of people agreed or strongly agreed that progress to slow or reverse climate change was being made.
  • But more than 60% of those polled said while humans could slow or reverse things, their fellow Americans weren’t willing to change their behavior to accomplish it.

Funny, because, again, most of that 60% won’t change their own.

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3 Responses to “20% Of Climate Cranks Fear They Will Have To Move”

  1. H says:

    I think those 31 days where the temps were above 110F made a significant number of people worry about their future. Rightwing militias talk about starting a civil war by attacking vital infrastructure like electrical transmission lines.

  2. Matthew says:


  3. Jl says:

    Probably right, Johnny-they no doubt worry that wind and solar couldn’t handle the electrical load to run all the air conditioners..

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