Oh Noes: Hotcoldwetdry Boosts Wildfires 25% Or Something

That and all the arson/unintentional setting of fires

Climate change boosts risk of explosive wildfire growth in California by 25%, study says

Climate change has ratcheted up the risk of explosive wildfire growth in California by 25% and will continue to drive extreme fire behavior for decades to come, even if planet-warming emissions are reduced, a new study has found.

“Emissions reductions have a minimal impact on wildfire danger in the near term — the next several decades,” said author Patrick T. Brown, co-director of the climate and energy team at the Breakthrough Institute, a Berkeley-based think tank. “So it’s important to look at more direct on-the-ground solutions to the problem like fuel reduction.”

Although previous studies have looked at the impact of climate change on broader metrics like annual area burned, as well on conditions that are conducive to wildfires, like aridity, the research published Wednesday in Nature drills down on how rising temperatures affected individual fires, and how they might continue to do so in the future.

The researchers analyzed nearly 18,000 fires that ignited in California between 2003 and 2020. Using artificial intelligence, they had models learn the relationship between temperature and extreme fire growth, which they defined as more than 10,000 acres in a day. They then simulated how those fires would behave under pre-industrial conditions, as well as a host of potential future conditions.

So, basically, computer models, which gave them the output the researchers wanted. I wonder if the study included the failure of government to clear dead brush and create firebreaks in a state that is prone to highwinds, dry periods, and fires. I wonder if they factored in that virtually all the wildfires were caused by someone intentionally setting the fires, inadvertently setting the fires, or electric companies not properly maintaining their equipment.

(AP) A 71-year-old man was arrested Friday on suspicion of starting a forest fire that destroyed more than 100 homes last year near Yosemite National Park, California fire authorities said.

Edward Fredrick Wackerman, of Mariposa, was arrested on suspicion of aggravated arson, arson that causes great bodily injury and arson causing damage or destruction of inhabited structures, the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, also known as Cal Fire, said in a statement.

He was arrested in June of this year. Then there are idiots who started the El Dorado fire in 2021 from a stupid gender reveal party. But, blaming this on ‘climate change’ gets grant money.

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2 Responses to “Oh Noes: Hotcoldwetdry Boosts Wildfires 25% Or Something”

  1. James Lewis says:

    Again the qualifiers…

    “….and how they might continue to do so in the future.”

    “…… They then simulated …..”

    I might buy a Lotto ticket today and I will then simulate how I will spend the money.

  2. OldManRick says:

    How the government works:
    U.S. sues Edison and tree contractor over Bobcat fire
    Where will the Edison get the money to settle the suit?
    From the people who were effected by the Bobcat Fire electricity bills.

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