NC DOT Wants Your Input On A Plan To Push EVs

I’m interested to see what the responses are, especially since we know that the bureaucrats will just do whatever they want if you darned peasants do not agree

NCDOT has a plan to cut pollution, promote electric vehicles. It wants your feedback.

Electric vehicleThe N.C. Department of Transportation should form a dedicated team to help the state create a transportation system that relies less on fossil fuels, according to the draft of a plan released Wednesday.

The Clean Transportation Plan outlines a strategy for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in North Carolina, by promoting use of electric vehicles and encouraging transit and non-motorized ways of getting around.

Remember, that plan is not something passed by the duly elected legislative branch, hence, not something that the Executive Branch should be allowed to implement willy nilly. Surprisingly, there are no lawsuits as of yet, but, it really hasn’t gone into effect yet

Cooper’s order set a goal of putting at least 1.25 million zero emission vehicles or ZEVs on the road in the state by 2030. ZEVs currently account for about 54,000 of the state’s 8.6 million registered vehicles, according to Jennifer Weiss, NCDOT’s senior adviser for climate change who led the effort to create the plan.

As the John Locke Foundation puts in, Cooper is trying to order North Carolinians to change how they go places, and would require about half of all new sales to be EVs.

“Clean transportation isn’t limited to just acquiring electric vehicles,” said Maya Hoon, part of the team that drafted the plan. “So reducing vehicle miles traveled by supporting infrastructure for bikers and pedestrians, rail and other public transit options will be helpful to advancing clean transportation goals in addition to bringing social, economic and health benefits that come from reducing vehicle miles traveled.”

Yeah, they want to force you peasants to walk, ride bikes, and take public transportation rather than privately owned vehicles. Which, if you live in the South, is not that easy in bigger cities. Not with the way the roads are laid out. We have a saying here “everything’s in a circle.” It just grows outward from the center. There’s so much mixed use that “small” travel can be difficult and dangerous. You can’t just walk on down to the bodega to get your groceries. Even riding a scooter can be difficult, with the way things are spread out. I wouldn’t want to ride my bike to the grocery store, which is about 2 miles away, driving distance.

Oh, and it’s not the government’s job to force compliance.

For more information about the Clean Transportation Plan, including a link to the draft, go to Another option, including the feedback form, is at

Again, I’m not against EVs. I would have one if it wasn’t much more than a regular car. My big issue is on charging it. If I could have a Civic EV which could be charged quickly, I’d be OK in most cases. My only annoyance would be on range on the few times I go down to the beach or mountains. But, it’s not government’s job to force this on me. Especially when the people trying to force this aren’t using “zero emission vehicles” themselves right now. And that’s the feedback I’m giving. As one of my coworkers is fond of saying “mind your business!”

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4 Responses to “NC DOT Wants Your Input On A Plan To Push EVs”

  1. Professor hale says:

    Start by replacing all the state owned vehicles. Like the highway patrol/state police and governor’s limo.

  2. Our esteemed host wrote something anathema to the left!

    Oh, and it’s not the government’s job to force compliance.

    Heaven forfend! The government was all about forcing compliance when it came to vaccination against the Wuhan flu, using the threat of losing your job to make people take it. President Biden issued executive orders requiring such where he could, and Governors and Mayor across the country did the same for government employees. In Philly, the city government forced restaurants to require customers to show their vaccination records to dine there. Governments all across the country mandated face masks.

    Because there was a shortage of masks, Reichsstatthalter Andy Beshear (NSDAP-KY) had the state government put instructions online, telling people how they could wear bandanas over their faces, as though those would somehow work, and he ordered, ordered! people not to gather in groups of more than ten people, from more than two families, in private homes for Thanksgiving dinner. I’m proud to say that our extended family disobeyed that order; f(ornicate) him!

    Government at all levels do believe that they have every right to “force compliance” with whatever stupid rules they wish to impose.

  3. JimS says:

    If they succeed in this, we’ll all be pushing EVs, since there’ll be no way to charge so many of them.

  4. I think it’s great that NCDOT is taking steps towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting alternative modes of transportation. However, I do have concerns about the lack of accountability in the implementation of this plan. As the blog post mentions, the plan hasn’t been passed by the legislative branch, so it’s important that there is a dedicated team in place to ensure that the plan is being carried out in a responsible and effective manner. My question is, how can we ensure that the NCDOT is held accountable for the implementation of this plan? What steps can be taken to ensure that the plan is successful and that the goals are met?

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