If You Have ‘Climate Change’ Trauma, You’re Not Alone (In Your Fake Mental Illness)

These people are convincing themselves that they have PTSD like soldiers in war from a tiny increase in global temperatures since 1850

Climate Change Trauma: You’re Not Alone!

A UC, San Diego team has just published a new study documenting the lingering PTSD-like symptoms of climate disaster.

Such trauma is more widespread than expected and can seriously disable cognitive function. Victims might not be fully aware of the impacts. You don’t have to live through a disaster to become disruptively anxious about global heating and erratic, extreme weather. It’s very hard to ignore.

Most of us are not in positions to do enough to make a major difference in the climate tragedy besetting us all. That being said, many experts tell us that the healthiest strategy is to be proactive on five fronts:

Two of them are bad

Stay informed on the science and news reports from reliable sources so you don’t get blindsided.

So, basically keep reading the same doom-mongering stuff that makes you wackadoodle in the first place

Meet regularly with equally concerned friends, relatives and neighbors to share information from the first four strategies.

So y’all can reinforce your lunacy. Strangely, nothing on stopping your own use of fossil fuels and making your lives carbon neutral.

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3 Responses to “If You Have ‘Climate Change’ Trauma, You’re Not Alone (In Your Fake Mental Illness)”

  1. Doom and Gloom says:

    People are being assaulted nonstop by doomsday. I am not sure this trauma to a lot of people is fake. We know we are living in the era of Drama ruling your life and the AGW people have bought in with everything to the end of the world is nye.

    Example. The doomsday clock was just reset to 90 seconds before midnight. In the past, it’s always been nuclear conflagration.


    They have INCLUDED CLIMATE CHANGE IN THEIR CALCULATIONS. WTF MATES? Now climate change is as dangerous as several thousand NUKES dropping on the cities and towns of the world.

    Oh, their trauma is real. They are being driven insane by nonstop barrages of doomsday.

  2. Professor Hale says:

    It is not just whacko leftists suffering from this. Whackos on the right do too. It seems all of the national media specialize in stirring up anger. I advise friends caught up in that to disconnect. Turn off the evening news. Turn off the radio. Stop going to the blogs that repeat the stuff that angers you. Learn to say, “I have no interest in that”. The world will survive just fine without your personal hands on the controls. This is not the same as becoming a hermit. it is advice to focus on real life, not media. Not Twitter. Not Blogs. Some people can handle the give and take of public discourse. Some need to unplug, even if only to take a vacation from it all.

  3. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    As is ALWAYS the case these days, the writers turn the dial to 10 and the bloggers dial froms 10 to 11.

    Here’s the study this was based on: Differences in interference processing and frontal brain function with climate trauma from California’s deadliest wildfires.

    This study aimed to understand the chronic impacts on cognitive and brain function in the aftermath of California’s deadliest wildfire, the Camp Fire of 2018.

    we study a subsample of these individuals: directly exposed (n = 27), indirectly exposed (who witnessed the fire but were not directly impacted, n = 21), versus age and gender-matched non-exposed controls (n = 27). All participants underwent cognitive testing with synchronized electroencephalography (EEG) brain recordings. In our sample, 67% of the individuals directly exposed to the fire reported having experienced recent trauma, while 14% of the indirectly exposed individuals and 0% of the non-exposed controls reported recent trauma exposure. Fire-exposed individuals showed significant cognitive deficits, particularly on the interference processing task and greater stimulus-evoked fronto-parietal activity as measured on this task.

    People exposed to the trauma of the California Camp wildfire had cognitive deficits compared to people not traumatized by the wildfire. Note the limited sample size. Anyway, unsurprisingly, people exposed to traumatic ordeals suffer measurable PTSD.

    But the writer of the lay article, clearly over-extending the data, opines, “You don’t have to live through a disaster to become disruptively anxious about global heating and erratic, extreme weather”.

    Most blogs are not reliable sources, most media are not that reliable regarding the climate. We understand that the right does not consider NASA, NOAA, NSIDC, or any climate scientists etc at all reliable.

    Lay writers, bloggers and tweeters are often driven by their agenda, intentionally or unintentionally misinterpreting results from actual scientific studies, but this is not reason, it’s propaganda.

    Colorado boulevard.net might not be the best source.

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