Brandon White House Says It Will Cooperate With “Legitimate Oversight” On Classified Docs

Anyone else thinking that Brandon and his Comrades will deem everything to be illegitimate?

White House tells House Republicans probing Biden documents that it will cooperate with ‘legitimate oversight’

spite houseThe White House Counsel’s Office said it is reviewing recent requests from a GOP committee chair related to President Joe Biden’s handling of classified documents and signaled it plans to cooperate to an extent.

In a letter sent to House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, R-Ky., and obtained by NBC News, White House counsel Stuart F. Delery said that since Biden’s personal attorneys found government records at the Penn Biden Center, the White House has “fully cooperated” with the National Archives and the Justice Department to ensure documents with classified markings were provided to the appropriate authorities.

“We are reviewing your recent letters with the goal of seeking to accommodate legitimate oversight interests within the Committee’s jurisdiction while also respecting the separation of powers and the constitutional and statutory obligations of the Executive Branch generally and the White House in particular,” Delery wrote.

Delery, however, suggested that there will be a limit to what the White House is willing to share with Congress. “As I’m sure you are aware, these considerations include the critical need to protect the integrity and independence of law enforcement investigations,” he said.

You just know that they are going to pretty much deem just about everything to no be legitimate. If this were Trump the media would be all over this, Democrats would be proclaiming obstruction. Transparency will be missing. Greg Orman at Real Clear Politics has a few interesting thoughts

Last week, CBS “Face the Nation” host Margaret Brennan asked Democratic Rep. Dan Goldman why President Biden would dispatch his personal attorney, who didn’t have proper security clearance, to his Delaware home to search for classified documents. Presumably, Brennan believed that when searching for classified documents, one should have the credentials to actually read them. Brennan’s focus on who was reviewing Biden’s papers touched on a potentially interesting line of inquiry. The question hanging in the air, however, relates to the discovery that started this whole process: Why would lawyers be “packing up” Biden’s office in the Penn Biden Center in the first place?

Not unlike other politicians, Joe Biden has done a terrific job of turning political success into a financial windfall. But someone who considered himself “middle-class Joe” for decades should realize the wastefulness of having lawyers perform a task that a trusted intern or aid could perform. As many big-time East Coast lawyers now routinely charge $1,000 an hour, it’s an awfully expensive packing crew – unless the intent wasn’t truly to “pack” but rather to purge.

The timing here is suspicious as well. Apparently, this moving crew was at Biden’s University of Pennsylvania office a week before midterm elections that were widely anticipated to turn control of the House over to the Republicans. As Republicans had signaled that they were going to be spending considerable time wearing out the subpoena powers of various House committees to investigate Biden and his family, it would be an auspicious time to get rid of anything damaging. By using lawyers to carry out the document purge, Biden would be able to attach attorney-client privilege to their efforts, thereby avoiding damaging testimony about the contents of any shredded documents.

He can certainly shred anything private when their is no subpoena or legal document request. But, it sure looks like the lawyers were trying to clean stuff up.

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  1. Hairy says:

    Unlike our previous POTUS Dems have not yet declared it to be a “witch hunt” or “terribly unfair”

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