Harvard Medical School Decides To Embed Climate Cultology In Curriculum

Oh, good, to go with medical schools going looney tunes with CRT and gender confusion, and the government trying to get doctors to nark on patients who own firearms, now they have given in to the climate cult

Harvard Medical School votes to embed climate change in its curriculum

Raised by two psychologists, Madeleine Kline had wanted to become a doctor since she was little. And when she learned in high school how human activity was fueling climate change, she concluded “it felt fundamentally like a health problem.”

So it seemed the most natural thing for her to go into medicine. And once at Harvard Medical School, she combined her two interests to help produce a novel undertaking at the 350-year-old institution: embed teaching about the effects of climate change into all four years of the medical degree curriculum.

“I realized that the world then,” she said of her youth, “was not the world that I was going to inhabit as an adult or raise my children in. “And, if I wanted to help take care of people, I needed to understand the challenges my patients were going to face.”

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Now in her third year, Kline was among a small group of students and faculty who helped convince school leaders to adopt the new curriculum, which was approved earlier in January. It will include instruction on the effects of climate change on human health, the role health care systems play in contributing to climate change, and how physicians can work to be part of the solution.

Nope, not a cult

Intense temperatures can cause hypothermia or heat stroke, particularly among elderly and homeless people, while survivors of extreme weather events such as a cataclysmic hurricane can experience high levels of anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder, according to research from the CDC. And, the National Institutes of Health found that changes in air and water temperatures can increase bacteria, parasites, and chemical contaminants in food, according the National Institutes of Health..

You mean those things that have happened throughout human history? Not sure about you, but, if my doctor yammers at me about ‘climate change’ or any other left win lunatic stuff, I’ll find another.

For example, all new students take a course called Introduction to the Profession, which teaches them the responsibilities and expectations of medical students and doctors. Last year, the course examined climate advocacy as a way for medical students and physicians to support their patients, said fourth-year student Julia Malits.

Indoctrination into the cult. By people who will be the top end of doctors, driving very expensive vehicles and living in big houses.

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8 Responses to “Harvard Medical School Decides To Embed Climate Cultology In Curriculum”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Leeches, bloodletting, trephination and mercury pills were good enough during the MWP!

    The Earth is warming and there is no scientifically based reason to expect it to stop soon. This warming is and will continue to impact human health, physically and mentally.

    Shouldn’t physicians-in-training be aware of this?

    Can you believe all those doctors, scientists, professors, teachers, world leaders etc believe the Earth is warming??

    • James H Lewis says:

      Dear Elwood:

      Doctors also believed blood letting cured diseases. (Ask Ga Washington’s ghost.)

      Stupid is as stupid does.

    • Jl says:

      “Shouldn’t physicians in training be aware of this?” Yes, if there was any evidence the warming was impacting human health in any verifiable way, but there’s not.
      As numerous studies have shown, cold kills 10 to 20 times what heat does.

  2. H says:

    Teach still hasn’t given up on Ivermectin and Hydroclorquine.
    And doctors should definitely not be taught to be aware of tropical diseases moving north.

    • James H Lewis says:

      Dear H:

      Being aware of the spread of a disease has absolutely nothing to do with why it is spreading.

  3. Ash Wyllie says:

    Did she really write” Intense temperatures can cause hypothermia or heat stroke,”?

    If so, I don’t want her as my doctor.

    I assume she meant hyper, as hypo means low…

  4. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    For reference read this propaganda from the CDC linking global warming to public health.

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