Wackadoodle Extinction Rebellion Nuts Dance And Wacko, After Saying They’d Take A Break

This was just at the beginning of January

UK climate group calls temporary halt to disruptive protests

The U.K. division of climate change protest group Extinction Rebellion says its activists would temporarily stop blocking busy roads, gluing themselves to buildings and engaging in other acts of civil disobedience because such methods have not achieved their desired effects.

And now

(UK Daily Mail) Extinction Rebellion activists let off smoke flares and poured black paint outside the Home Office today in the eco-mob’s latest stunt.

The group of around 10 eco-zealots was surrounded by police as they held placards and lay on the ground next to the building in London. Two men were arrested.

Protesters poured the black paint out of plastic buckets which had ‘end coal’ written on the side, while two of the activists appeared to have attached themselves together with a large tube.

Met Police were called to the Home Office at around 11am to disperse the group, arresting two men on suspicion of causing criminal damage.

The two demonstrators on the ground set off flares and shouted as they sat next to the Home Office entrance.

Other protestors at the demonstration were dressed as yellow birds, while one man was dressed as a skeleton.

Who’s surprised that the pledge to not be nuts didn’t last?

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2 Responses to “Wackadoodle Extinction Rebellion Nuts Dance And Wacko, After Saying They’d Take A Break”

  1. Facts Matter says:

    There is one very noticeable set of events taking place not only by AGW activists but by Governments everywhere who have bought into the AGW craze.

    These people and governments are attacking anything that uses fossil fuels in an attempt to undermine the normal citizen’s TRUST in these forms and means of power and transportation.

    The TSA computers go down causing widespread disruptions in Air Travel. The ongoing governments paying for a proxy war against an oil producer. It’s not like the USA does not invade countries for their own special interests. But if Russia does it, it is an evil almost as unimaginable as Donald J. Trump’s mere existence.

    They are now attacking Elon Musk and Tesla. Top shareholders are demanding Musk step down from his own company.

    Oil companies cannot secure financing for drilling and expansion because of Woke wall street.

    Now Blue cities are making it easier to CAR JACK you, forcing you to rethink owning an automobile. Even an Electric one.

    There is a concerted effort by the leftists to attack anything related to co2. Riding a bus and Train uses CO2. These whackos block transportation corridors in an attempt to undermine the reliability of transportation of all modes.

    The entire focus of not only anti-co2 pacs but governments has now turned to disrupt supply chains, and fossil fuel burning entities such as gasoline, diesel, and power generation. China this week offered a bone to the west by lifting their covid lockdowns and attempting to bring their production back up to speed and how are they greeted.

    I would say that this is all the work of the Dutch Company that bought out Schwinn bikes but hey, they won’t be making those either in the near future as the wheels of production grind to a halt and people begin killing each other for an MRE.

  2. Professor Hale says:

    It’s not like those guys were ever going to get a real job. It’s hard to beat getting paid for a few protests a month

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