Federal Court Blocks Brandon’s Student Debt Relief Giveaway

This is the third court that has put the kibosh on his un-Constitutional plan

Biden’s student debt plan was just blocked again, this time by a federal appeals court. Here’s what happens next

spite housePresident Joe Biden’s widespread student loan forgiveness plan was blocked for the second time in less than a week, this time by the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Louis.

The federal appeals court ruling comes after six conservative states—Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and South Carolina—filed a lawsuit arguing that Biden’s loan cancellation plan hurts state revenues. The three-judge panel of the appeals court issued a nationwide injunction on the plan, meaning the Biden administration cannot forgive any debt under the program.

“The injunction will remain in effect until further order of this court or the Supreme Court of the United States,” the panel of appeals court judges wrote in the ruling.

The judges, all appointed by Republican presidents, say that the state of Missouri has standing to challenge Biden’s debt relief program because of the revenue that could be lost by MOHELA, a federal student loan servicer.

His plan was blocked by the same court temporarily while considering the request from those six states, and now in full, to go with a federal judge blocking the plan last week. The Brandon admin did file an appeal on that latter. But, do Democrats really want to win the court battle before the 2024 elections?

Student loan ‘buyout,’ abortion won midterms for Democrats, Biden, critics say

Two key factors, according to Judge Jeanine Pirro, helped Democrats avoid a Republican “red wave”: President Biden’s student loan handout and abortion.

“I’ll tell you what won this election for the Democrats: Sure, the young people came out vote; they got paid — I mean, they got their student loans paid back. It was a buyout,” Pirro said Monday on “The Five.” “But the other thing is: abortion. It was all about abortion.”

President Biden offered up something many legal observers believed would eventually be struck down by the courts, but the student loan handout seemed enough to bring out the 18-24 vote to put Democrats over the top, the panel on “The Five” debated.

Ignoring the abortion on demand part, how many of the youts got out to vote, and not just the 18-24, but, many older folks with debt, looking to have their debt reduced, thinking that there will be more free money coming soon after? How many who are racking up that debt now figure it will get cancelled later? Add a bunch of things up, the abortion debate, student loan forgiveness, “democracy is on the ballot”, and more, none needed to be The One, just pull some voters here and there, stop some flips, get a few who were going to sit out to go vote Democrat, and you get the results of a red puddle for the House and loss in the Senate. Why not use the same things in 2024?

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3 Responses to “Federal Court Blocks Brandon’s Student Debt Relief Giveaway”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    … all appointed by Republican presidents,

    It seems that this is an important identifier now whenever a court decision goes against a democrat.

    Good job Democrats. You have now successfully undermined public education, law enforcement, elections and now confidence in the Judiciary. This goes beyond just having leftist activist judges on teh courts. When the media caveats ruling by who appointed the judges, they imply that there are two systems of justice. One run by Republicans and one run by Democrats. Even if there were not true, media stories with this sort of labeling encourages that view. Of course this has been true for a long time. Everyone expects ridiculous rulings form democratic party judges and we all know that the courts and juries in places like NYC and DC are hopelessly biased politically to the point where no highly visible Republican can get a fair trial and no visible Democrat will ever be charged with a crime.

  2. Matthew says:

    “Biden’s loan cancellation plan”? Really?

    First, Biden has no plans, none. He makes no decisions for the Executive Branch, right down to his bathroom breaks. Can we please stop pretending any of the nonsense coming out of the Whitehouse is Joe’s doing?

    Second, Kids, you took out a loan, pay it back as you agreed to.

    Third, .gov needs to get out of the Student Loan business, they’re terrible at it, like just about everything else.

    Thank you

  3. Dan says:

    The left NEVER gives up. They will keep trying over and over until they get the result they want. By whatever means necessary.

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