Daily Caller: Call It The Red Wedding

So, what happened?

GOP Hopes Dashed On The Rocks

Republicans under-performed across the country Tuesday, with Donald Trump-endorsed nominees losing or trailing in swing districts and Senate and gubernatorial races.

Trump endorsed more than 400 candidates across the 2022 midterms, according to Ballotpedia, making his presence felt in swing races in Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Arizona. In all three states, Trump-endorsed candidates have under-performed.

Fox News and NBC have projected that Democrat John Fetterman will defeat Republican Mehmet Oz in the Keystone State, and Democrat Josh Shapiro is projected to defeat Republican Doug Mastriano in its gubernatorial contest. Trump’s endorsement helped Oz through a heavily-contested primary, despite misgivings from many conservatives.

Both Masters and Lake won divided primaries that pitted Trump endorsees against candidates supported by former Vice President Mike Pence. They trail Democrats Mark Kelly and Katie Hobbs, respectively. Many polls had shown Lake with a small lead against Hobbs, who refused to debate the Republican and was hobbled by a racial discrimination lawsuit.

Masters and Walker still have a chance, it’s pretty close. Ron Johnson is holding on by the skin of his teeth. In Nevada, Laxalt has a slight lead. All four would need to win for the GOP to take the Senate by the barest of margins. Democrats have also flipped a few House seats that Republicans should have won

Republicans only needed to net five seats to take back the House of Representatives, and are still likely to do so. GOP challengers have picked up at least two seats in New York, and Republican Anna Paulina Luna won the Tampa-area district vacated by Democrat Charlie Crist.

We’ll have to see how this ends up. Even minor control is better than no control. For governor, Stacy Abrams and Beto RunsForEverything lost tight races. DeSantis annihilated Charlie Crist, and even flipped the Miami-Dade area Red, which also helped Marco Rubio destroy Val Demmings.

Kari Lake still has a chance in Arizona, just behind Hobbs with 67% reporting. Massachusetts and Maryland flipped to Democrat, but, that’s really not too unexpected. Oregon is too close to know, that would be a big pickup for the GOP. Pennsylvania was pretty much a blowout, with the Dems keeping the gov’s mansion. Lee Zeldin is down 5%, so, that’s rather disappointing after the trends, but, he gave it a shot. Disappointing is Michigan. How do those people re-elect Whitmer, who totally, well, fucked them during COVID? She was pretty much the most dictatorial governor in the nation.

Add that all up, and no wave. Probably control of the House. What happened? Good question. Maybe Democrats really got out the vote better. You would have thought with the state of the economy, inflation, crime, and the border, plus Biden’s poor poll numbers, the GOP would have done much better. How did Independents break? We’ll have to wait for those numbers. And, here’s a big one: how did Trump’s influence do? Because it doesn’t look like he helped. He may have hurt, much like Obama hurt Democrats in 2010, 2012.

There is a bright spot

Tighter GOP grip on North Carolina legislature, high court limits Democrats’ options

The political landscape in North Carolina tilted further toward Republicans in Tuesday’s elections, giving the party control of the state Supreme Court, a larger majority in the state House and a supermajority in the state Senate for the final two years of Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper’s second term.

But Republican legislative and judicial gains on Tuesday — the GOP swept four statewide appellate judge races, too — could weaken Cooper and Democrats’ ability to shape policy debates in the same manner. Hot-button social issues such as abortion, transgender rights and school curriculum could move to the fore under more solid Republican control.

Senate Republicans won 30 seats in the 50-member chamber, up from their previous 28-seat majority. In the House, Republicans won 71 seats in the 120-member chamber, two more than they previously held and just one shy of the 60% threshold needed to override gubernatorial vetoes without any support from the other party. That small victory offered Cooper and Democrats a bit of solace.

What do other states look like? Florida Republicans gained 4 seats in their Senate. Still waiting on House numbers. Other states are seeing some movement towards the GOP in their general assemblies.

At the end of the day, even just controlling the House is better than nothing. It would stop the Democrats extreme agenda. It’s not a great consolation prize, but, it is what it is.

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31 Responses to “Daily Caller: Call It The Red Wedding”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    We learned 2 years ago that democrat majorities in large cities control ballot manufacturing and vote harvesting operations to create as many votes as they need, whenever they need it. Why would anyone think anything has changed in only 2 years? Democrats no longer need voters. They can even run brain-impaired candidates and win.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Con-menter typed: We learned 2 years ago that democrat majorities in large cities control ballot manufacturing and vote harvesting operations to create as many votes as they need, whenever they need it.

      Did you really learn that? Or did you just imagine that? In fact, you’re just repeating unsubstantiated falsehoods because your side LOST SOME ELECTIONS. Dishonest excuses made by poor losers. Since you “learned” perhaps you can share some evidence?

      You are a victim of a charismatic cult leader, and your deprogramming will take time. tRumpism is dead; deSanctisism will become your new cult. deSanctis is as vile as tRump but cleverer.

      We do sympathize with your loss, but buck up American, there’s work to do.

      • Professor Hale says:

        deSanctis is as vile as tRump but cleverer.

        Of course. Whoever the Republican leader is will suddenly become stupid, racist, extreme and evil as soon as he or she announces. Same playbook since Reagan. Just like Trump was fine when he was pals with the Clintons (went to Chelsea’s wedding), got awards from NAACP and was every bit as liberal on the issues as Hillary Clinton, but is now the most hated man in America by the Left. What changed? Just the talking points. The only real difference between Trump and HRC is that HRC had a thirty year history of corruption in public office.

      • Kye says:

        “Did you really learn that? Or did you just imagine that? In fact, you’re just repeating unsubstantiated falsehoods because your side LOST SOME ELECTIONS. ”

        Sorry Elwood, as you know (because I told you several times before) as a Philadelphian I WATCHED as my ward leader father and his cronies cooked the votes in Philly for years finally turning the city Democrat. That’s not an unsubstantiated falsehood that’s a personally observed and well known fact to Philly residents for years. Your opinion notwithstanding the facts are the dems cheated for years and even you should know that. Now I can’t say what they did in St. Louis but don’t try and lecture me about Philly. I know better, I watched it.

        “You are a victim of a charismatic cult leader, and your deprogramming will take time. tRumpism is dead; deSanctisism will become your new cult. deSanctis is as vile as tRump but cleverer.”

        Why is it okay for you to follow a senile pedophile who was never right about anything in his career, is a pathological liar, narcissist, and a plagiarizer but if we follow our guy be it Trump or DeSantis it’s a fuckin cult?
        I agree Trump is done but that does not mean he is/was wrong that only means he has outlasted his usefulness. But supporting our candidates is just as democratic, just as American and just as morally correct as you supporting yours and frankly you sound like a complete fool when you repeat your psychoses over and over. We are not listening.

        But we are listening to this common sense:

        “Changes have to be made because I’m tired of losing, and I hope you are too.”

        “Meanwhile, in Florida, Ron DeSantis turned a state he won by 30,000 votes four years ago into a 20-point blowout. It was the most shocking shift in a single state in decades, with Republicans actually winning Hispanic voters outright. In a sea of terrible, what happened in Florida showed a better way. It showed what issues voters care about. It showed that being likable and effective as a leader matters. I don’t know if DeSantis runs in 2024, but Republicans would be foolish to pass over him for a nearly 80-year-old man with extremely high unfavorable ratings.

        I realize saying that definitively is going to ruffle some feathers, but I assure you that’s not my goal. None of what I’m saying means that 2016 wasn’t special. It doesn’t mean that the big rallies weren’t fun when they actually meant something and weren’t just irrelevant spectacles. It doesn’t mean Trump didn’t accomplish a lot in the White House.

        What it does mean is that times change, appeals diminish, and not adapting going forward would only guarantee another gut-wrenching loss in the next election. Republicans need a course correction just as they needed one after the George W. Bush era (which ended with Mitt Romney). It’s not about establishment vs. Trump because, to be frank, both sides have shown themselves incapable of winning at this point.

        It’s going to take a combination of inspirational fight and extreme competence that hasn’t been shown by the party’s national leadership, from McConnell to Trump, to turn this ship around. And while I may personally think that’s DeSantis, I’m not trying to browbeat anyone into that position. I encourage people to support whoever they feel convicted to support, and if we end up agreeing on 99 percent of everything else but disagreeing on that one issue, there should be no hard feelings. All I ask is that people step back, look at the whole picture, and think critically about how we got to where we are. Changes have to be made because I’m tired of losing, and I hope you are too.”

        Bonchie@Red State

  2. H says:

    The Dems did much better than expected, the GOP much worse than expected in these midterms. My heart and prayers are given in their hours of suffering
    Polarization will continue pitting the richer wealthier more educated states against the red states who will continue to take more from “los federales” than the give.

    • Professor hale says:

      There are no “wealthier states”. People have wealth not states. Wealthy people run the Democratic party for the sole benefit of other wealthy and connected people. Your loyalty is appreciated.

      Trump was the outlier, a wealthy person wanting the run the government to favor the American middle class. So the Democrats and other connected Republicans had to crush him and everyone who supports him. The message is: If you oppose us, we will go after you, your families, your friends, your businesses, and your donors.

  3. Facts Matter says:

    Gop is leading in about 12 house races left to be called and the leads are strong and will hold up. It’s looking like the house will be 222-225 for the GOP. Someone posted here a few weeks ago said there was not going to be a red wave because of how the districts were drawn. This was very apparent last night and this morning.

    I was perusing interactive maps of the vote totals and the Senate is looking like it might be 50-50 or 51-49 for the GOP depending on if AZ goes for the GOP. WI and NV will go GOP and Walker will likely win the runoff in GA because he literally lost 2 percent of his voters to the independent who will not be in the runoff the first part of December.

    So in sports parlance, a win is a win. It matters not the score, only the result. That is the best you can spin last night.

    • Facts Matter says:

      Actually, I failed to realize that Alaska has two Republicans running against each other and Lisa Murkowski is actually losing by a point to her fellow Republican rival not called yet.

      So AK is yet to be called and goes GOP. NV goes GOP. WI goee GOP that gives the GOP 50 senate seats. The GOP is leading with healthy leads in all 3 of those states.

      Leaving AZ and GA. So its possible the GOP could pick up 52 senate seats depending on GA runoff and AZ same-day voting which is being counted now with the Democrat leading by 5 points ATM with 31 percent left to count.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      You are absolutely right. We’re surprised that Republicans aren’t celebrating! Instead they’re acting as if they lost and are STILL whining about the elections RUN BY REPUBLICANS!

      Georgia is now a purple state, but run from top to bottom by Republicans – Gov, Lt Gov, AG, Sec of State, House and Senate. Dems Ossoff and Warnock won in 2020. Warnock will have a run-off election against Walker, and is favored to win. Do you think the Dems cheated in Georgia?

      • Facts Matter says:

        I wrote the following this morning here on this website:

        THE STATES HAVE DONE THEIR JOBS. THEY HAVE DONE A REALLY GOOD JOB OF FIXING THE PERCEPTION OF VOTER FRAUD in AZ, GA, PA, and other places. Kudos to them. Trump’s hissy fit after 2020 proved to be really valuable for election integrity. Too bad it was used effectively against the GOP this cycle which is the primary reason the GOP did not have more wins.

        The Gop should win the house by a few seats. Only takes ONE. They most likely will win GA runoff. I am not sure how Warnock is favored given the Independent is taking votes from Walker, not Warnock. So we shall see. Nevada is most likely going to flip RED. Alaska and Nevada give the GOP 50 states. Its up to Arizona and Georgia to determine who runs the senate for 2 more years.

  4. Hairy says:

    Ok Prof
    How are be out “poorer people choose to live in red states” because…….or
    “More educated people choose to live in blue states”
    Or “people choose to die at a younger age in red states”
    Yeah it is all about personal choices
    USA #1

    • Prof_hale@yahoo says:

      Still no idea what you are trying to say. Try using punctuation. Less nyquil before lunch.

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      Hey H, don’t you ever get tired bragging about how rich you and your blue states are and how they crush us poor red state Americans. Oh yeah, we are still Americans we just are not more loyal to our party than our country like you are. With you the whole thing is about how many less well off Americans you can beat into submission because you obviously think they are worth less that you are.

      The one thing I thank Trump for is bringing out the contrast between people like you and real, caring, patriotic Americans. He showed you to be what you are. And man do you hateful, selfish, intolerant, racist, bigots prove daily how immoral the left is.

  5. Dana says:

    We did our part in the Bluegrass State! We returned Rand Paul to the Senate, and kept the five non-Louisville congressional seats in Republican hands.

    In the General Assembly, the Democrats were not only not competitive, but they kind of gave up. GOP increased its margin in the state House of Representatives from 75-25 to a projected 80-20, though there’s one seat that might change it down to 79-21. The state Senate went from 30-8 to 31-7 Republican. However, with all 100 seats in thew state House up for election, the Democrats did not even contest 44 of them. With 19 out of 38 seats in the state Senate up for election, the Democrats did not contest 10 of them.

    The state Senator from my district, incumbent Republican Brandon Smith, was able to use his first name to put “Let’s Go Brandon” on his campaign posters. He did have a Democratic opponent, but, with 85% of the vote counted, had a 75.3% to 24.7% lead.

  6. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Dems are hoping PedoDon announces his candidacy for 2024, and soon.

  7. Bunkerville says:

    After Sending Out 240,000 Unverified Ballots, Pennsylvania Now Warns Of ‘Delays’ Counting Midterm Votes
    Sure nothing to see.

    According to ACTING Sec of State Chapman, over 1.2 million mail-in ballots have been requested across the state, and 43% – or 556,000, have been returned.

    So does that mean that nearly 25% of mail-in ballots sent out were unverified?


    • UnkleC says:

      What it means is the Pa SS is acting as FDR coached LBJ early in Johnson’s career, ‘… sit on your ballot boxes until you know how many you need and then use just enough…’.
      It’s just how the dems work.

  8. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Losers always blame the refs…

    Anyway, so Republican victories are always legitimate, Dems win only by cheating… it’s getting kind of worn out, isn’t it?

    And America is still waiting for the GOPhers to reveal the evidence that Democrats are manufacturing votes! Surely with all the wailing and gnashing of teeth by GOPhers they have some really good evidence. Why do they keep it hidden?

    Repubs. It’s time to man up and take your losses like real men and stop whining like little babies needing a breast. America deserves better from you.

    • TermLimits22 says:

      All of the evidence is in plain sight. Dem/uniparty operative at all levels of media, gov’t and corporations protection their power. Dozens of lawsuits, thousands of depositions (under penalties of perjury) about 2020 election fraud, all either thrown out or blocked from being filed in the first place by Democrat DA’s & judges. How many dead babies will you burn to keep warm this winter? How many innocents will be lost to fentanyl? You chose dead veterans over welfare for illegal aliens. Humanity deserves better than you.

      • Professor hale says:

        Don’t bother TL22. He doesn’t listen. No evidence is good enough. No source is credible. In the end, he will just keep demanding evidence that he will never accept. He starts with teh conclusion that Trump is evil so anything that gets him out of office is legit.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Now that the nuGOPhers will have the House starting 03 Jan 2022, they can lead a thorough and public investigation of the 2020 election. And since every contested state is controlled by Republicans they should get strong cooperation!

        We look forward to see what they come up with.

        And when President DeSantis takes office Jan 2025, his DOJ can start prosecuting the perps!

  9. Freedom2022 says:

    Lie Cheat Steal = Democrat / uniparty election success.

  10. L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

    You know dowd living in a perpetual state of denial and a constant state of cognitive dissonance does not excuse you from saying stupid shit like:
    And America is still waiting for the GOPhers to reveal the evidence that Democrats are manufacturing votes! Surely with all the wailing and gnashing of teeth by GOPhers they have some really good evidence. Why do they keep it hidden?

    We’ve spent a year showing you videos, referring you to first person witnesses, even pics and stories by journalists and commentators in liberal papers yet you still refuse to admit there was tons of cheating at least in appearance. Of course as we’ve told you over and over if you refuse to see and investigate the shenanigan there’s nothing we can do. You control the government for two years. You’ve controlled the media and entertainment for decades. I/we can’t make you look at the facts when you would rather avert your eyes and live in willful ignorance. But THAT is what destroys democracy (or in our case the Republic). Cheating itself bad as it is ranks second to denial and cover ups. That’s what you and your communist party are doing and have been doing since seizing power in a 3am ballot dump.

    So if you refuse to think about it and just assume we are all making this shit up we can’t help ya. I guess it isn’t a long reach to go from believing Greta and Gore, and the scamdemic even after you are shown the vaccine doesn’t work nor do masks to believing a fuking moron like pedo joe won with 81 million votes from HIS BASEMENT and ignore all the signs of a scam. You seem to fall for every grift from AGW to Wuhan so whay not be a vote steal denier while you’re at it?

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Lucifer G,

      We think you may not know what “evidence” means. We mean real evidence; the kind that even courts would find persuasive.

      It’s time to put your big boy pants on and accept the truth. Mr trump lost by some 8 million votes in 2020. There is no credible evidence to convince a reasonable person otherwise. We know it hurts to admit you were, and are wrong, but boys must eventually grow into men and take responsibility.

      Yes, you ARE making this shit up because it’s what DonJon tells you.

      Grown-ass men think for themselves. They are not led by the nose by charlatans.

      EVERY claim made by trump has been shown to be false. Did you re-read the transcript of his bullshit call to the GA Secretary of State? You should. Not a single claim that trump made is true.

      In each state where “widespread cheating went on” and cost trump the election, that is, WI, PA, GA, AZ, MI, the state legislatures (who, according to you, control elections) are controlled by the GOP!! They’ve had two years to convince Americans of cheating but they haven’t or couldn’t. They have had two years to fix the elections but today loser GOPhers are once again whining about cheating!!

      Grow the fuck up – the American people are tired of the bull and deserve better from the GOP.

  11. david7134 says:

    The presidential election was a fraud. No one needs to prove a thing to Jeff as it is well documented.

  12. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    That On-His-Way-to-Jail fat hobo, Stephen Kevin Bannon, who stole millions with his We Build the Wall scam*, was on the broke and broken Alex Jones’ InfoWars Show yesterday. BTW, Jones is $1 billion in debt, so buy some of his shit so you can pay those poor families he assaulted!

    Bannon had predicted a 100-seat pickup for the GOPhers, but said at least 50, but weak-kneed Republicans allowed the Dems to cheat once again!

    The real Republican party needs to purge the liars, gaslighters, thieves, vote suppressors, white christian nationalists, racists, sociopaths and whiny bitches from the GOP to once again be taken seriously. But we’re not sure who’d be left…

    *Bannon’s three partners in the scam have either pleaded guilty or were convicted. Bannon was pardoned by The Big Don but has been charged by NY State (pardons only apply to federal crimes).

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      Copying my “hobo” comment now? You really don’t have an original thought in your head do you? You just type and pontificate, steal ideas and project yourself into your insane state.

      You need to prove to us the daughter-banger pedo joe actually got 81 million votes. Elwood, as far as I can tell, their methods taint the vote in a way that makes it nearly impossible to back the fraudulent ballots out of the vote total after the fact.

      That’s what I hate about the argument regarding “proof” of cheating. You’ve basically institutionalized cheating at this point and have made it extremely difficult to surveil or audit. If someone on the right or left demands “proof” ask them to prove it didn’t happen.
      Its like asking a teacher to “prove” that her students were cheating when she is banned from the room during test taking, is not allowed video surveillance, cannot interview the students afterwards and cannot even compare tests by name. And the test is open book anyway! “Well, everyone got A+’s, but the Teacher has no proof of cheating. Until I see proof, I can’t say anyone cheated…”

      Of course, you can shift the question further up stream. What kind of political system produces a brain damaged hobo and a Turkish carny as the two options? Before you even get to the question of election integrity, you have to see that the system has problems far deeper than vote rigging. This turns up all over the ballot. In Georgia, the choice for Senate was between a brain damaged former football player and guy who used to hustle old black ladies for donations.

      In Massachusetts, they are celebrating the first openly lesbian governor. Before Maura Healy was famously gay, she was famously stupid. Given the centrality of Massachusetts in the American empire, it is a good representation for how our democracy actually works. Politics in that state have been dominated by drunkards, perverts and degenerates for generations. The system they have imposed on the country selects for increasingly ridiculous candidates.

      Rather than constantly accuse us when YOU GUYS ARE IN POWER maybe try to open your eyes and mind and help cure the problem that causes all these sexual perverts, ignorant carnies, professional layabouts, brainwashed Marxists/socialists/communists, and all the rest of the trash that ends up being our “democratic” choice in almost all the last elections.

      The main question out of this election is about the legitimacy. Should we believe that the brain damaged hobo was the people’s choice in Pennsylvania? This is a good bellwether for this election, because John Fetterman is as close as we have come to putting a horse in a Senate. His opponent is ridiculous by normal standards, but in comparison to Fetterman he is Cicero. We are now required to pretend that a brain damaged hobo won the Pennsylvania Senate race.

      The reason this particularly race is key to the legitimacy question is that there is no answer that supports the democratic system. If everything was above board and the people did vote for a brain damaged hobo, then this is proof that the public should never be trusted with such decisions. The openness to voting for a brain damaged hobo should be a disqualification to voting. On the other hand, if the vote is rigged again, then there is no reason for people to bother voting.

      If you guys are trying to irreparably break the country you are doing a bang up job.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:


        Years ago Missouri elected a dead guy (Mel Carnahan D-MO) rather than the odious John Ashcroft (R-MO), so stuff happens.

        We’re not even asking for “proof” of fraud, just credible evidence. So nice try. BTW, will the PA Republican-dominated House and Senate investigate this “fraud”? Why not?

        This is not the first time you’ve heard this, but you’re being intellectually lazy by blaming fraud for TV star Mehmet Oz’s poor performance. He was an inferior candidate. If the PA GOP had run a normal Republican instead of the trumpian celebrity Mehmet Oz, Fetterman would have been defeated.

        Do you also think the election of Josh Shapiro for Gov was also fraudulent? tRumpian Doug Mastriano was a horrible candidate!

        If the GA GOP had run a normal Republican instead of the trumpian celebrity Herschel Walker, Warnock would have been defeated.

        Quality of candidates matters. Americans are fed up with MAGAt BS. The trump worshipers need to adjust.

        Blame the uber-lazy GOP and their lazy, reactionary primary voters for the poor performance of their inferior trumpian candidates. Note too, that the Democratic party supported many of the reactionaries in their primaries preferring to run against a Mastriano rather than a traditional GOPher.

      • UnkleC says:

        Pa also re-elected a dead dem to the state house yesterday.

        • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

          Blame the uber-lazy GOP and their lazy, reactionary primary voters for the poor performance of their inferior trumpian candidates.

          No I’d rather blame your party for destroying the entire idea of a free and fair election over the last 80 years.

          As usual you and your comrades continue to refuse to take any responsibility for the lousy candidates you constantly put up for election just as you refuse to acknowledge the cheating and fraud you perpetrate ever election.

          You don’t even have the intelligence to admit both pedo joe and Uncle Festerman are mentally impaired and should not be in any office period. You can’t get any more dangerous than that.

          They can find a normal person who does that and don’t need the mentally impaired. They can find someone who can comprehend the spoken word and respond in comprehensible English. They’ve done it countless times in the past 70 years.

          Bringing in Fetterman, to me, is simply forcing the peasants to go through a humiliation rite. Imagine watching him slur his way through a speech in a hoodie and gym shorts and say, “yep, that’s the one I want to rule over me.” Imagine actually putting up a sign in front of your house to publicly announce you support the brain damaged hobo. Imagine taking precious time out of your day to go and vote for him. No, this is just the elites demanding we debase ourselves while submitting to their rule. It’s not just humiliating but evil.

          Earlier I was just able to look at some of the individual races. The graphs are very telling. The dems appear to have conducted fraud in exactly the same way they did in 2020.

          In many areas the voting machines “went down” and in many areas they “ran out of paper for the ballots.” In other areas the “tabulation soft wear” did not work properly. After the outages were “resolved’ : Presto!!! The dems in those races had the lead. The spike is clearly visible in the graphs just like 2020.

          If elections seemed a waste of time before 2020, then in my mind this should remove all doubt as to their utility, at least in national elections.

          At this point dowd it may not even matter any more. When the democommies can demolish our country from the economy, to the schools, to the military and put us on the precipice of a depression, famine and nuclear war in under two years and not get slaughtered in the election then either America is all brain damaged or they have perfected The Art of the Steal.

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