Surprise: Floridians Care About Inflation. Abortion? Not So Much

The news media keeps acting surprised that citizens care about their own economic health more than the ability to kill the unborn after having irresponsible, unprotected sex

Survey: Florida voters prioritize inflation over abortion at the polls

Floridians are voting with their pocketbooks this time around, citing inflation, jobs and the economy as far more important issues than immigration, abortion, or gun violence.

Why it matters: According to a USF survey of 600 likely voters released yesterday, inflation has negatively affected the lives of most Floridians and they’re carrying financial anxieties to the polls.

State of play: 80% of likely voters here who make an income say their wages have not kept up with the rising costs of goods and services in the past year.

And 67% of all likely voters say they have less money available for a personal emergency than a year ago.

Just 7% report having more emergency money than they did a year ago.

Here’s what they care about, from survey, where they were asked “Thinking about the upcoming elections in November, which three of the following issues will have the most significant impact on how you decide to vote?”

1. Inflation 52%
2. Economy/Jobs 48%
3. Immigration 32%
4. Abortion 28%
5. Gun Violence/Crime 27%
6. Healthcare 22%
7. Education 17%
8. Climate Change 15%

Now, that’s a shame, climate doom came in last once again. Inflation and the economy came in at the top, once again.

The intrigue: When asked who was most responsible for inflation, more than a third said they blame the Biden administration.

Nearly a fifth blame COVID-19.

11% say the war in Ukraine.

More than 8% blamed “something else.”

But, only 3.7% say they were satisfied with Biden’s response. 15.2% somewhat satisfied, 28.8% somewhat dissatisfied, and 48% very dissatisfied. I’ll say it again, China releasing COVID19, on purpose or by accident, is the primary cause. After that, it’s how government responded. Lots of fail which everyone knew would mess up the economy.

A good question here is “how would this look in all the other states if the poll was taken? Would it be similar? How would it look in swing states? Will it swing very moderate Democrats and Independents to vote GOP?”

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