Democrats Dive Back Into Gun Control Well, Push Ammo And Firearm Taxes For Midterms

Let’s be honest, this is a bit of red meat for the unhinged Progressive base, trying to get them fired up to get out and vote. It could fire up even more Conservatives to get out and vote. And some independents. And be yet another reason that the moderate Democrats just stay home

Democrats propose tax hike on guns, ammo weeks before midterm elections

Nearly two dozen House Democrats are proposing higher taxes on firearms and ammunition and want to link some firearm-related taxes to inflation, just weeks before the midterm elections.

The “Gun Violence Prevention and Safe Communities Act,” from Rep. Danny Davis, D-Ill., and 21 House Democrats, would increase federal excise taxes on all firearms and ammunition. It would also raise taxes on importers, manufacturers and dealers of firearms, as well as any person or entity that transfers ownership of most firearms.

Democrats said the bill is modeled after federal tobacco taxes that generated revenue to fund programs aimed at reducing tobacco use. The gun tax bill would raise as much as $38 million per year and direct that money toward a new Gun Violence Prevention Trust Fund.

That fund would direct the revenue toward “community-based violence prevention grants; gun violence research; hate crimes prevention and enforcement; and forensic examiner training.”

So, they’ll hit up the law abiding citizens engaged in exercising their Second Amendment Right to pay to deal with the criminals using guns illegally, mostly in Democratic Party run cities which have enabled the crime waves through soft on crime policies? Huh.

The legislation is the latest sign that Democrats believe gun control is a winning issue for them as the midterm elections approach. In late August, President Joe Biden said he is “determined to ban assault weapons in this country,” and several Democrats have campaigned on the idea that access to guns is behind increasing gun violence.

“It’s time to ban these,” Biden said. “It’s time to ban these weapons. We did it before and we can do it again.”

Yeah, you just run with that. Will any elected Republican have the cajones to say “we’ll go with a 10 year ban that sunsets if the Secret Service and other agencies which protect the White House, Congress, and Executive Branch agencies have real assault rifles taken away”?

There are already small federal taxes on firearms purchases: raise these up and you might see a nice lawsuit ending up at the Supreme Court, as this is close to a poll tax on federal Rights.

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One Response to “Democrats Dive Back Into Gun Control Well, Push Ammo And Firearm Taxes For Midterms”

  1. UnkleC says:

    The ‘ “Gun Violence Prevention and Safe Communities Act” ‘ is little more than another lefty attack on lawful citizens exercising their rights. To actually prevent violence and promote safe communities would only require something as simple as putting criminals in prison and keeping them there as needed to provide a deterrent to committing more crime.
    The elitists want the hoi polloi disarmed and the authoritarians want everyone (other than their minions) disarmed, that is the left’s intentions not crime control.

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