Climate Cult Seems Confused That People Keep Moving To The Doomed Coasts

Perhaps they could ask Obama and Biden why they bought fancy houses at the beach?

Climate change makes living at the coast riskier. But more people keep coming.

Among the counties that trace the coastline of the contiguous United States, two very different pictures emerged from the latest census.

One shows how residents fled after devastating hurricanes, fueled by warmer-than-normal water in the Gulf of Mexico, slammed into their communities.

The other shows how coastal counties attracted millions of people to shiny new subdivisions, drawn by idyllic dreams of life near the beach.

The contrasting scenarios illustrate a growing disconnect, experts say. Even as insurance rates and flood claims escalate and federal scientists warn of the dangers of rising seas, extreme rainfall and rapidly intensifying storms, Americans still flock to the coast.

It’s a collision course, and people overlook the risks at their own peril, said Michael Mann, director of the Penn Center for Science, Sustainability, and the Media at the University of Pennsylvania.

It just goes to show that the climate crisis (scam) is popular in theory, not practice. Most people really do not care. And would prefer all these nags to just leave them alone. If the climate cultists do not want to live at the coast, that’s their choice. Leave the rest of us alone. Mind your own business.

Maybe they should ask Al Gore with his beach front property. And all the other Elites.

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11 Responses to “Climate Cult Seems Confused That People Keep Moving To The Doomed Coasts”

  1. L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

    I live outside Tampa, on the water and love it. Yesterday I spent my morning getting my cruiser into drydock in preparation for the hurricane which will no doubt be a bust.

    Frankly, the folks that live in Cali are the ones that mystify me. I get hurricanes. They get those plus wild fires, mudslides, droughts, floods and earthquakes. Now that’s crazy.

    But I’m not a believer in the faith based climate superstition. The superstition of MM climate change backed up by decades of failed predictions and false solutions is really a sect of communism dedicated to ending capitalism. They may as well sacrifice virgins for all their predictions have proved worthless. At lest then they’d be killing off their believers and maybe leave the rest of us alone.


    • Elwood P. Dowd says:


      What do you think of those outrageous government mandatory evacuations?? These landfall predictions come from mere computer generated modeling. The computer modelers have their finger on the scales, predicting more severe storms – predictions that ALWAYS fail!

      You’ll hunker and bunker down, of course, but what about your wife and children?

      Even DeSantis has fallen for the hype. But like tRump before him on Covid, DeSantis will just blame the experts when we see their computer models, wrong on global warming, predict wrong on hurricanes, which are no stronger nor more frequent than earlier.

      • Jl says:

        Funny-computer generated modeling. Yes, in addition to these things called satellites which can track the exact path of the storm, see that it turns one way or another, and then say “look how good we did!”

  2. L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

    Must be time for the pedo leftists to redefine “bear market”. It used to mean a prolonged decline in equities. The rule of thumb is that a long decline that reached 20% off the previous high is a bear market. Yesterday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average reached that point when it dipped below 29,300. It is now off 20.4% from the high in January 2022 when stocks rallied after the end of Covid. The index is now below the level it was at when Biden took office.

    Time for dowd and the Pedo and the democommie propaganda machine to snap into gear and contrive a new definition ala vaccine, inflation or secure border style.

    Then all that’s left is for the media to circulate the latest lie and the schools to create a lesson plan that includes CRT and queers.


    • Elwood P. Dowd says:


      Sounds like a “bear market” to us. Why the whining?

      And then you randomly attack your fellow government workers, the school teachers.

  3. Dana says:

    Just goes to show you how very serious Elwood P Dowd is about global warming climate change emergency, ’cause he’s chosen to live in America’s second city of slaughter — New Orleans just overtook St Louis as our nations murder capital — and its average elevation of 466 feet above sea level!

    Me? Our house in Hampton, Virginia, sat at 12 feet above sea level, but from there we moved to Hockessin, Delaware (259 feet above sea level), to Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania (730 feet above sea level) to our current home, which sits at 630 Feet above sea level.

  4. Toe the Line says:

    Atlantic hurricane season off to slow start. But top forecasters still expect above-normal activity

    This article was written on August 3rd that was linked in the article above as PROOF that we are all doomed. Hurricane seasons run through October and if we are to believe the AGW NAZIS then our ocean waters are amazingly HOT and we should have 20 hurricanes each year ad infinitum. Their SCREAM to the DEVIL TIPPING POINT IS SEVEN. IF WE HAVE SEVEN WE ARE DOOMED YET AGAIN because for several years in a row we have had AT LEAST SEVEN.

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL….ITS no fuking wonder that AGW is at the bottom of voters lists of pressing NEEDS. Like we all like to point out, those that scream the loudest are usually those that do the most CO2 polluting.

    I have a shirt I like to wear from time to time that says on the front: BOMB SQUAD. On the back it says. IF YOU SEE ME RUNNING. KEEP UP!!

    The problem with the AGW NAZIS is we dont see any of them running yet.

    So far it is almost October and we have had 4 hurricanes and 33 deaths. 2 hurricanes were Cat 3 or above.

  5. Toe the Line says:

    I hate to pea on their parade but

    I hardly see evidence of impending doom from hurricanes.

    I do see impending doom from the lack of heat and AC, no food, and no jobs.

  6. H says:

    Obama’s house is 20′ above dea level good for 100+ years.
    Gore’s house appears on Google maps to be about 500 feet above the Pacific on a hill side
    Teach you MUST fact check those things that you most want to believe. It is essential to analysis and critical thinking . Did/do other posters believe Gore’s house in Cali to be beachfront? I am sure they WANTED to believe that, didn’t you ?

    • Facts Matter says:

      H you should get a clear and concise message if you want to appear convincing.

      You(Collective AGW NAZIS of which you are included by self-admission) claim AGW is a crisis and the seas will inundate the coasts rapidly, yet you say 20 feet above sea level is just fine for 100 years.

      If this is so then why the RUSH to end fossil fuels with no alternatives in the next 10-15 years? How much is China paying you?

      You claim Hurricanes are a real threat and yet the people who claim this live on the beaches where these big-time threats could hit and destroy them. How much is China paying you to post here?

      You claim many things, but in reality, you are just reacting to any post put here in an attempt to harass and belittle the OP of this blog and or the commenters. Remind us all again how much China is paying you to post in the USA on any forum in which you can create a fake account. Like Twitter, Facebook, Pirates cove, etc.

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