Brandon Really Excited To Push Floating Wind Turbines

I can think of the perfect place for the first ones

Biden plans floating platforms to expand offshore wind power

The Biden administration on Thursday announced plans to develop floating platforms in the deep ocean for wind towers that could power millions of homes and vastly expand offshore wind in the United States.

The plan would target sites in the Pacific Ocean off the California and Oregon coasts, as well as in the Atlantic in the Gulf of Maine.

President Joe Biden hopes to deploy up to 15 gigawatts of electricity through floating sites by 2035, enough to power 5 million homes. The administration has previously set a goal of 30 GW of offshore wind by 2030 using traditional technology that secures wind turbines to the ocean floor. (snip)

The Biden administration “is all-in on making floating offshore wind a real part of our of our energy mix and winning the global race to lead in this space,” Granholm said. ”And that’s why we set this big, hairy audacious goal” of 15 gigawatts of floating offshore wind by 2035.

It’s not quiet deep water, but, how about

Think he’d be good with a bunch of floating wind turbines right there? Or regular ones? Or, will he try and block them like John Kerry and Ted Kennedy did for the Cape Wind project?

Understand, I’m not against this. I’m for it. I think it’s a great idea. We have to account for rough seas and storms and running the power lines, along with upkeep, but, sure, take advantage of the wind which is free without ruining the view. And not having massive concrete pads like for onshore ones. But, you know the Elite climate cultists will not want to see them. And, if they’d stop pushing this stuff because of ‘climate change’, they’d get more support.


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5 Responses to “Brandon Really Excited To Push Floating Wind Turbines”

  1. H says:

    Teach is now all in for ….. wind turbines? Mark this day on your callandar. Teach the original placement of the Cape Wind Turbines was improper’ not because of the view but because they were going to be placed in a relatively narrow 6 mile strait between the Cape and the Vineyard.
    Teach putting either floating or fixed turbines at the location yku suggested is a stupid idea. It would be a danger to shipping going into the port of wil.ington Much better to put them further south away from the harbor entrance.

  2. Hairy says:

    Teach the most common foundation form used in offshore turbine construction is a monopile, a single cylinder. Pads are often used on dry land..

  3. Facts Matter says:

    This is the dumbest Idea I have ever heard. Thousands of floating windmills in the path of super storms. That will work out really well the next time SANDY makes its way through this fleet of Bullshit.

    But hey, what can you say? It’s only billions and billions of government dollars squandered away so that multimillionaire leftist donors can have their electricity and not have to stare at it out the balconies of their 25,000-square-foot homes on the coast that are going to be washed away by Global warming in a mere few years.

    Are they going to hire a crew of 50 to float these ships and man them 24x7x365 like oil drilling platforms that are in reality ships at sea? Or are these going to be tied to the ocean floor? If tied to the ocean floor that is going to make them impossible to face weather without tipping over. Every storm they are going to have to be remotely turned off to prevent capsizing.

    I do have issues with putting windmills in the ocean. Has anyone ever seen what happens to metal in the ocean? LOLOL. The left. What can you say about these brainless fanatics? I guess they have realized that they do actually need flyover country to grow some food instead of filling up the grassland with billions of windmills and solar panels.

  4. UnkleC says:

    This really is high on the list of dumb**s ideas put forth by the left. Yes, it can be done, that’s not the question. Offshore drilling / production platform technology is already being applied to offshore wind turbines. Is it economically practical? Probably not. Construction costs, operational costs, and maintenance costs make existing offshore turbines some of the most expensive sparktricty on the market. Floating windmills will just cost even more. Let’s not even bother with the cost and losses of getting the juice to shore and to an actual market. Just remember that E&M section of your early physics course.
    Floating offshore wind looks like another subsidy snakehole for the gummint to pour taxpayer money down simply to appease the greenies and funnel money to their supporters.

  5. Williams Botan says:

    While wind is natural in the environment. You have to consider the energy loss of converting wind power to electricity. Conservation of mass and energy. The wind power will result in a loss of energy in the atmosphere and therefore a change in the climate. This has, to the best of my knowledge, never been studied or considered. 30 Gigawatts. I would be like changing the speed/energy of the Gulf Stream which would make Europe colder!

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