Janet Yellen To Take Long Fossil Fueled Flight To Make Speech Denigrating Fossil Fuels Companies

Unshockingly, The Hill reporter Tobias Burns failed to attempt to ask Janet Yellen how she’s traveling to the violent, Democratic Party run city of Detroit. Is she taking the train or an electric vehicle? Or, a fossil fueled flight followed by a fossil fueled limo? Without fossil fuels, how does Detroit survive? The Red Wings, Pistons, Lions, and Tigers (why is there no team named Bears?) wouldn’t be able to operate. Or all the ships that come through with goods. Also, Yellen is the Treasury Secretary, not the energy or transportation secretary

Yellen will vow to ‘rid’ US from ‘dependence on fossil fuels’ in Detroit speech

st greta carTreasury Secretary Janet Yellen will call out the fossil fuel industry in a Thursday speech on the Biden administration’s economic agenda to be delivered in Detroit, Mich., where oil and gas companies have long held influence in the U.S. auto manufacturing sector.

The visit to Detroit comes on the heels of the Democrats’ passage of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), which includes $14.2 billion worth of subsidies for electric vehicles meant to wean the auto industry off of gasoline in an effort to reduce U.S. transportation emissions that are contributing to a rise in global temperatures.

“We will rid ourselves from our current dependence on fossil fuels,” Yellen’s prepared remarks say.

“Our plan — powered by the Inflation Reduction Act — represents the largest investment in fighting climate change in our country’s history. It will put us well on our way toward a future where we depend on the wind, sun, and other clean sources for our energy,” her remarks continue.

Yet, you can bet it’s a fossil fueled flight and a fossil fueled limo/SUV for Yellen, and not one reporter will ask her about it, since most of the reporters are part of the climate cult. Biden and his cohorts are running around calling people Fascists and semi-Fascists, yet, it’s Democrats attempting to use the power of government to destroy an economic sector and force people into EVs, whether they want one or not. It’s not Socialism: in true socialism government mostly stays out of people’s lives, and would have direct votes on things like this. It’s over in the Authoritarianism model, which provides force of government

Yellen’s speech will also emphasize the role that private capital can play in addressing climate change, putting her generally in line with the economic, social and corporate governance (ESG) movement. The ESG movement in the financial sector pursues environmental and social equality objectives through divestment practices and getting board members with particular political views elected to company boards.

“By mobilizing private capital, the clean energy tax credits implemented by Treasury will propel our economy and workers to a leadership position in the fastest growing markets and technologies of today and the future, with positive spillovers to the rest of the world. And in the process of boosting domestic clean energy production, the law will support our energy security and insulate us from the type of fossil fuel-driven energy volatility that we’ve seen in the past year,” her remarks say.

This is a carrot and stick approach. The carrot is free money from the government. The stick is a threat that they best join the cult, otherwise there will be consequences. They’re attempting to turn the U.S. into a command economy, like the Soviet Union, Venezuela, and Nazi Germany. You will comply, Comrade.

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20 Responses to “Janet Yellen To Take Long Fossil Fueled Flight To Make Speech Denigrating Fossil Fuels Companies”

  1. H says:

    That new Chevy Bolt ( msrp 26 600$ ) is being made in MI outside Detroit.Since 2021 ALL airlines flying internationally have been required to buy carbon offsets for their pollution. Remember it adds only about 2% to the ticket cost
    I think that cost will soon be mandatory for all domestic flights. Teach would have 1 less thing to complain about

  2. drowningpuppies says:

    The new term for “money laundering” is “inflation reduction”.

    Bwaha! Lolgf https://www.thepiratescove.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_cool.gif

  3. Professor Hale says:

    I understand the host pointing out hypocrisy among the extreme left. Personally, I fully expect modern government agents, employees and diplomats to travel by air. I would love to see them all travel in coach, where government rules demand that all of us serfs ride.

    I would also love to see the government burden itself with reporting to the public just how much they are spending on all of their energy budgets broken down by travel, source of energy, buildings heating and cooling, and keeping the lights on.

  4. Facts Matter says:

    From the EU: A high-price environment might become the ‘new normal’ as we progress down the pathway of decarbonisation.

    Gas represents 22 % of European electricity generation and, due to the marginal pricing model, the soaring prices were transferred to consumer bills. In 2021 the key benchmark EU power contract for power doubled, and wholesale electricity prices surged to about 7.5 times the value of the 2010-2020 averages……End of EU quote.

    The Way forward for the EU and the United States is massive energy bills followed by a drying up of demand due to the huge expenses involved. The result is the US government driving us off a cliff to save a few molecules of Co2.

    The way forward for democrats is not drilling but offering Energy Rebates and tax breaks and helping the poor and middle class pay their utility bills. In other words, buying votes as we proceed to a carbon-free society.

    The Democrats have always used the contrived crisis method of governance. They create a problem and then offer a solution for the problem. In this case, the left is ginning up an energy crisis by creating an enemy of one of the largest producers of fossil fuels in the world. Russia.

    Their desire to have an enemy is no different than the right to use the USSR back in the day to do the same. The boogie man means bigger defense budgets to protect us from the boogie man. The boogie man today is CO2. We must be protected. The left will protect you by subsidizing your ability to pay energy costs, thus buying votes.

    Meanwhile, the GOP just screams about producing more Oil and Gas while helping the Democrats create a problem, by voting sanctions against Russia that will NEVER be solved with more drilling.

    Congrats GOP. Outplayed again.

  5. Facts Matter says:

    U.K. Prime Minister Liz Truss ended England’s ban on fracking Thursday, opening the door to domestic shale gas production amid a European energy crisis.

    Her administration also announced a national freeze on household energy prices, a plan that will cost the government tens of billions.

    Under Truss’s plan, household energy costs will be limited to $2,900 per year after ballooning to $4,100 in 2022.

    This is what CHINA’s Global Warming Initiative is doing all over the world.

  6. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Sounds like Mx Teach needs him some press credentials! Then he ask some real questions of politicos and advocates. “Why didn’t you bicycle from from DC to Detroit or do it by Zoom?” “Have you given up all uses of fossil fuels?” “Why not?” Game, set, match to Mx Teach!

    • Dana says:

      The distinguished Mr Dowd wrote:

      Sounds like Mx Teach needs him some press credentials! Then he ask some real questions of politicos and advocates.

      LOL! Mr Dowd attempts to insult our host with the silly ‘Mx’ non-honorific, meant to signify those who are ‘non-binary’ — non compos mentos would be more accurate — but then twice uses the masculine pronouns to refer to Mr Teach. Mr Dowd just can’t quite get his act together!

      But, otherwise, what he wrote is absolutely true: we do need real journalists to ask real questions, because those in the credentialed media just won’t do it.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        LOL! Mx Dana, like Mx Teach, have not proved their sex to this forum. Although they both identify as males, why should we believe them?

        We wonder why the likes of Mx Dana and Mx Teach are sooo concerned (e.g., the silly non compos mentos) about gays and trans, almost as if their mere existence threatens them. But connies always want to control everyone else’s thoughts and actions.

        Insecure “men” often mock, insult, attack and assault those they view as lesser men, in a futile effort to elevate their own “manliness”.

        Mx Teach would be no worse a “journalist” than Peter J Doocy.

        from the Urban Dictionary: doocy – ssking a breathtakingly stupid question while attempting to appear highly insightful

        Example: “I dropped a doocy at the press conference this morning.”

  7. Jl says:

    Good plan, Johnny. And the airlines burn the exact same amount of fuel with or without your “carbon offsets”. They’re not offsetting anything.

  8. Jl says:

    Someone on Twitter “well, the power went out here at ABC 7 in California”
    Reply from the Oil and gas workers Association-“ get someone to bring you 5 gallons of wind turbine

    • Professor Hale says:

      Funny thing is, after the sweeping brown-outs and price spikes from state mismanagement about ten years ago, most of the larger businesses and public buildings all have installed dirty diesel powered generators. No one in Silicon Valley is shutting down just because the grid fails.

  9. Bob says:

    “We will rid ourselves from our current dependence on fossil fuels…”.

    Close, but she left out a few things: We will rid ourselves(the elite) of the many millions and millions of useless eaters(us) and their current dependence on fossil fuels.

    When the useless eaters(us) are all gone, the dent they(the elite) will put in the fossil fuel supply and the pollution they create won’t amount to a hill of beans.

    Problem solved.

    • CarolAnn says:

      “We will rid ourselves from our current dependence on fossil fuels…”.

      And replace it with a dependence on what???? Wind?? Solar?? All part time energy and undependable.

      There is nothing wrong with being dependent on something that WORKS. There’s a lot wrong with being dependent on crap that does not work. The difference is prosperity, heat and food.

  10. david7134 says:

    Why do you hate poor people? The carbon offsets will be readily paid by the taxpayers, those who make enough to qualify to pay tax, what you call the rich. But those that don’t pay taxes will be required to pay the off sets and this will cause them to have more finically stress. All this and no effect on your precious carbon. You and Jeff really hate the working man.

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