Thousands Of Protesters Take Fossil Fueled Trips To Protest G7 Or Something

Of course, it is a massive mixed bag of climate nutbaggery and far left wishes

Thousands protest against G7 in Munich as leaders gather for summit

About 3,500 protesters have gathered in Munich as the G7 group of leading economic powers prepare to hold their annual gathering in the Bavarian Alps in Germany, which holds the rotating presidency this year.

Police said earlier that they were expecting a crowd of about 20,000, but initially fewer people showed up for the main protest, which started at midday on Saturday, the German news agency dpa reported.

Pretty shy of 20k. I’m guessing a lot of them couldn’t afford to travel with their leaders enacting policies that jack up fuel costs

Fifteen groups critical of globalisation, from Attac to the World Wildlife Fund, will participate in the demonstrations. Their various demands include a phase-out of fossil fuels, the preservation of biodiversity, social justice and greater efforts to combat hunger.

“My demands for the G7 are that they have a clear commitment to energy transition, that is the exit from fossil fuels, all forms of fossil fuels, by 2035 at the latest, so we can stop financing wars and conflicts,” said Kilian Wolter from Greenpeace.

Everyone who showed up should be required to give all use of fossil fuels. Let’s see how they like it first.

And for a palate cleanser, heading over to France

The guy looks like a soccer player taking a dive. But, play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

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