Biden Minions To Travel Around Country Telling People What Biden’s Doing On Inflation

This is their plan

There is, finally, a little more detail on the White House website, but, most of it makes little sense, spends more money, and, much of the energy price hikes came well before Putin invaded Ukraine, and were the result of Biden’s energy policies. For instance

Joe Biden Ice Cream AfghanistanLowering Energy Bills: Calling on Congress to pass clean energy and vehicle tax credits and investments that will reduce our dependence on reckless autocrats like Putin, save families an estimated $500 per year on their utility bills, and accelerate homegrown clean energy innovation – from producing more clean energy to bolstering our domestic supply chains that are critical for clean energy and clean transportation.

Those wouldn’t do anything for years, and trying to get people into EVs that are way more expensive doesn’t really help in lowering costs. There’s a temptation to fisk the entire thing, but, you know it’s a very silly plan which is the same old same old that would hurt, not help

Top Biden officials plan US travel blitz to try to keep focus on combating inflation during Biden’s Europe trip

Top Biden administration officials will be dispatched across the country this week to reassure Americans that combating inflation remains a top priority for the White House as prices soar and economic concerns mount, a White House official tells CNN.

Nice that they’re taking fossil fueled trips using high price gas that you the taxpayer are paying for, eh? How many will be in EVs?

The travel blitz by Cabinet members and senior officials comes as President Joe Biden meets with world leaders at the G7 and NATO summits in Germany and Spain, where leaders are discussing, among other things, rising costs that have been driven in part by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine earlier this year. One White House official said the travel is designed to highlight how “Biden’s leadership on the world stage is centered around delivering for the American middle class.”

Is CNN printing a piece approved by the White House?

The officials are expected to tout the bipartisan infrastructure law and outline steps the President has taken to try to bring down costs, even as Biden himself has acknowledged there is little he can do to immediately bring down the high price of gas and groceries that has been putting stress on millions of Americans.

So, he has a plan but it won’t work? Huh. Then why are they traveling around? And what is being accomplished with the infrastructure law? Where’s the money going? What’s being built right now? That looks to be pretty much all they’re doing. But, really, this is just a bit of going to see the base and keep them on Biden’s side.

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5 Responses to “Biden Minions To Travel Around Country Telling People What Biden’s Doing On Inflation”

  1. Inflation will be whipped the same way it was in 1981-82, through a serious recession.

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  3. MrToad says:

    You’d think that people would get wise to whole “Make the rich pay their fair share!” thing.

    If the feds keep importing the immigrant poor, who do voters think are “The Rich!” that will be paying for it? They’re just redefining the “rich” threshold. It’s how “Millionaire Taxes!” become $400,000aire taxes and then $250,000aire taxes and on down the line.

    • Professor hale says:

      Given the ownership of corporations skews heavy to democrats, they could easily pay more taxes any time they want. Their goal is to make competitors pay more.

      I agree though. Planned parenthood should pay more in taxes than they collect from the government trough. And payments to politicians are not tax deductable

  4. Matthew says:

    The whole “make corporations pay their fair share” BS is nothing more than a backdoor tax on the consumer and always has been. The “tax the corporations” crowd wants us to believe that in the mean, bad, horrible, greedy capitalist system, all corporations have a big vault full of cash down in the basement like Scrooge McDuck and all we have to do is pass a law that says that they have to pony up for a change and the mean, bad capitalists will just go downstairs to the big vault and hand over all that dirty money and our problems are solved.

    Nonsense! The consumer pays it, every time, ever, US! WE. PAY. THAT. TAX!

    Similarly, lower the corporate tax, the consumer benefits. That’s how that shit works.

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