Most Voters Believe Biden Is Intentionally Letting Gas Prices Rise

Just like the car shortage, this is not something that can be easily fixed at this point, and will last quite some time

Poll: Most Believe Biden Admin Allowing Gas Prices to Rise to Get Americans off Fossil Fuels

I did that BidenMost voters believe the Biden administration is allowing gas prices to rise to force Americans to use less fossil fuel, a Convention of States Action/Trafalgar Group survey released Friday found.

The survey asked, “Do you believe the Biden Administration is intentionally letting gas prices rise to make Americans use less fossil fuels?”

Most, 53 percent, said “yes,” they believe the Biden administration is allowing it to happen purposely to force Americans to use less fossil fuel. Another 39.6 percent, however, do not believe that is the case, and 7.4 percent are unsure. 

Opinions are divided along party lines. Over three-quarters of Republicans, 77.3 percent, and 56.5 percent of independents believe the Biden administration is deliberately allowing gas prices to rise for those purposes. Most Democrats, 68.7 percent, disagree and do not believe the administration is doing so.

When voters decide to have staycations because gas is just too high, when they bow out of taking day trips places, when they see the price of food continuing to go up, they will remember this at the ballot box. It’s perfectly expected that Republicans would answer the question this (I’m guess most of the rest either think Biden is just incompetent, with a few being #NeverTrump fucktards), what is dangerous for Dems is the Independents thinking this way. And, I wouldn’t be surprised if a whole lot more Democrats think this way in private.

Gas prices: ‘Demand destruction’ has already started, says strategist

Gasoline prices at all-time highs may be starting to put a dent on demand at the pump. Yahoo Finance spoke to several strategists to get their take on when consumers start buying less gas amid rising energy costs.

“One could argue that demand destruction for gasoline has already started,” Peter McNally, global sector lead for industrials, materials, and energy at Third Bridge, told Yahoo Finance.

“Since the start of March, U.S. gasoline consumption is 6% lower than the corresponding period in 2019,” pre-pandemic.

After lockdowns in 2020, limited travel in the latter part of 2020, and even limited during 2021 because of the huge spikes of Delta and Omicron, people want to travel. They do not want to have to stay home. Some are saying the worst will be over by Labor Day, because of “history.” Does anyone truly feel that gas will even drop below $4 a gallon by Labor Day?

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9 Responses to “Most Voters Believe Biden Is Intentionally Letting Gas Prices Rise”

  1. Dan says:

    Pedo Joe isn’t just “letting gas prices rise”. He is DELIBERATELY working to create a shortage of petroleum. The criminal commies holding Pedo Joe’s puppet strings want ALL OF US to cease use of
    private vehicles….FOREVER. THAT is one of the major goals driving the criminals in power.

  2. Dana says:


    The Biden Administration wants us to consume less gasoline, but doesn’t want our lifestyles, or our wallets, to suffer in the process. The problem is that, in the short, and intermediate, terms, those things are mutually exclusive. Practically, we’re getting what the left want; politically, it’s just what the left don’t need.

    Somehow, some way, the left seem to have forgotten the concept of time. They fantasize about a Star Trek future, where earth is blessed with free, abundant, and completely non-polluting energy, but are creating a Bajoran situation, devastated by the Cardassians.

    To get from today to tomorrow takes time, and if the left’s fantasy of earth in the future is ever to arrive, there will have to be an economic process to get us there, but the left believe that it can be forced, virtually painlessly. They want to push plug in electric cars, without the technology, and the price, of electric cars being really ready yet, and without the infrastructure to support such being even close to in place.

    I know of one man in our county who has a plug in Chevy Dolt, and he has a charging station at home. That’s a good thing, because the closest commercial charging station is in Richmond, 22 miles away. As our esteemed host noted, the Biden Administration wants to “require EV charging stations every 50 miles and no more than a mile off the (interstate) highway”. Better not miss your stop!

    As you get further into eastern Kentucky, you get further away from the interstate highway system. If the map is correct, there are zero commercial car charging stations away from Interstates 64 and 75 in eastern Kentucky, and that covers a solid quarter of the state.

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      “If the map is correct, there are zero commercial car charging stations away from Interstates 64 and 75 in eastern Kentucky, and that covers a solid quarter of the state.”

      The people who think like Dowd and Hairy know and don’t give a rats butt. In fact, they not only hate you but would rather you die than live in rural Kentucky. Their object as you have previously pointed out is to herd all you deplorables into big cities and create more ghettos.

      • UnkleC says:

        I had not done any research on this since we were looking at Teslas late last summer. Dana’s link is informative and a Gummint site, “” is pretty good as well. We’ve traveled in eastern Kentucky and surrounds, western VA and NC as well, nice country but decidedly rural. Not somewhere you’d want to run out of juice. I also scanned a couple of I-state corridors I’m very familiar with (I-35 and I-10) and there are some significant charge deserts along these routes as well. If a station is down, has a long line, or is closed, you could be s.o.l..
        Glad we decided to purchase conventional. Also saw a recent article about Tesla charging, on a recent Tesla fast charger it took 50 minutes to charge from 30% to full. That’s a long wait if you’re third in line considering it takes less than 10 minutes at Buck-ees to fill with unleaded.
        I still follow Tesla as that’s what I’d buy if I was buying EV. My kid is tossing between an EV Mustang and a Tesla since he doesn’t drive cross country and is looking at a new ride.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Our friend Dana is so very close to being excruciatingly correct. Those that understand the threat of continued global warming have been trying to enable the gradual transition to non-CO2 emitting energy sources for decades. Remember the actual conversations regarding carbon taxes and market forces between Dems and GOPs decades ago? Good times. The GOPhers lost their collective minds in the mid 2000s (the normal and astute McCain inexplicably chose the mindless but purty, Palin), and the GOPhers slide into know-nothingness that started slowly in 1980 has reached trump speed, and now will only be stopped by the coming Great Meltdown.

      Market theory tells as demand grows and supply tightens prices rise. More humans, increased living standards, more energy demand and a finite resource (fossil fuels) should and is leading to price shocks. We humans have not been the best at planning and investing beyond the next quarter much less the next century. Most humans only have 50 or so effective adult years and day to day personal demands are primary to what our descendants might face.

      The objective of the anti-science (skeptic) cult was to kick the can down the road. They’ve had assists from a pandemic, a major war in Europe and politicians that have elections every 2, 4 or 6 years. The chaos and anarchy they crave has been delivered and now they’re poised to Make America Theirs Again!!

      • Dana says:

        Except, of course, as our good friend Elwood tells us, if the problem is that “The GOPhers lost their collective minds in the mid 2000s,” why haven’t we seen the Democrats having bought Teslas and Chevy Volts — the predecessor to the Bolt) and Nissan Leafs (Leaves?) to such an extent that the private sector has been building charging stations all along the Mountain Parkway and Kentucky Routes 30 and 52 and all throughout eastern Kentucky? Remember: the Bluegrass State wasn’t taken over by Republicans until after the 2016 elections.

        We humans have not been the best at planning and investing beyond the next quarter much less the next century. Most humans only have 50 or so effective adult years and day to day personal demands are primary to what our descendants might face.

        That is what I have been saying all along: when people are worried about how they are going to put food on the table from one payday to the next, the concerns about what might, or might not, happen 80 years into the future are simply unimportant. The 8.6% inflation rate reported yesterday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics just drives that home.

        What have I said about global warming climate change all along? If it occurs, adapt to it as it occurs.

        Locally, pushed by Berea College, a hydroelectric contractor has built a hydroelectric generating station along the abandoned Lock 13 on the Kentucky River, just a couple of miles from our humble abode, and is selling the generated sparktricity to the electric power company which supplies our home. It doesn’t generate that much power, enough for something like 1,200 homes, if I recall correctly, but the next project is at abandoned Lock 14, near Beattyville, and it’s supposed to generate a bit more power. With abandoned locks most of the way down the river, these small hydroelectric generation stations, by themselves, could never power all of the Bluegrass State, but could be the beginning of a reasonable dent in what is needed.

        Kentucky receives a lot of good, Southern sunshine, and solar plants make sense here. There’s a lot of rural land around that would be good for such plants, but employ reasonable development plans; don’t try to force what’s not ready, and require that people buy electric vehicles when the infrastructure, including generating capacity to charge them, doesn’t yet exist.

  3. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Fortunately for Americans, the U.S. is middle of pack globally in terms of pump price for gasoline. Unfortunately our obsession with autos resulted in the advanced world’s worst public transportation systems (except NYC), although in fairness we’re nearly the world’s largest advanced nation by area.

    Biden the Powerful has forced much higher gas prices throughout Europe and Asia!!

    Norway, on the other hand, is another country like Venezuela blessed with vast oil reserves (just like us!). And yet it pays more than almost all other countries in the world for gasoline (how can that be?).

    The price squeeze at the pumps has been triggered by soaring crude oil prices and the war in Ukraine, causing the Nordic country to experience unprecedented prices (huh? if they produce all their own oil like the US, why isn’t their price low?). The country luckily does not depend on energy imports, setting it aside from other countries in Europe that are now struggling with bans on Russian imports imposed as a punishment for Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

    Should Biden be investigated for forcing all those US producers to stop producing in 2020 over a year before he took office after being elected by millions of voters? Do you think the slight reduction in US production has doubled or tripled gas prices?

    Biden’s power is unlimited!! Time to rein him in.

    Let me help you. All you need to repeat is, “This is the fault of the Green New Deal”! And Hunter Biden’s crimes in Ukraine.

    • drowningpuppies says:

      “This is the fault of the Green New Deal”! And Hunter Biden’s crimes in Ukraine.

      Thanks, dipshit, for finally acknowledging some of Brandon’s failures.

      Bwaha! Lolgf

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      As usual rather than face the failures of your party and your comrades you opt for snark and sarcasm. Brilliant! You can’t face the debacle this fuk-up in the WH has created so you choose to go into denial by burying his errors, shortcomings and senility in a pile of bull shit. Figures.

      People like you on the left who really have no talent nor intellect always find it easier to mock and ridicule than to face your failures, admit responsibility and try and fix what you fucked up.

      That’s why at this very moment in our once republican nation you commies are trying as hard as possible to promote show trials, stolen elections, arrests or assassinations of your political opponents and the slander of anyone who disagrees that Rachael Levine is a guy.

      You have deluded yourselves with the toxic drug of power and you are getting high on your own supply.

      You can see your total destruction as a party and a participant in the US of A after the next two elections ane are screaming like a pissy child to be noticed. You are all doomed whether you cheat and win or just admit the truth and lose.

      We will all be here to laugh in your wrinkled old commie face the day after the election. I can’t wait to hear all your excuses and admonitions. Unless of course you crooked bastards pull off another steal. Then your own blood will be on your hands.

      FJB and the entire commiecrat party.

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