LGB Admin Announces National EV Charging Standards Or Something

Let’s be honest, EV charging station buildout has been working fine without the input of The Government. So, sure, why not screw it up?

Biden administration announces national standards for electric vehicle charging networks

Electric vehicleThe Biden administration on Wednesday evening announced new standards to expand electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure throughout the U.S.

The standards will be laid out formally in a proposed rule from the Federal Highway Administration, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg told reporters on a press call Wednesday. The rule will require EV charging stations every 50 miles and no more than a mile off the highway, emphasizing the interstate highway system and alternative fuel corridors, according to Buttigieg.

“The proposed rule requires at least four 150-kilowatt DC fast-charging ports per station so that the station can serve multiple customers, and it ensures safe installation and maintenance by qualified technicians, creating new jobs in this EV infrastructure sector,” Buttigieg said.

Does the Biden admin understand how many vehicles are on the road, and, if they want to replace all the fossil fueled ones with EVs they’ll have to be more than 4 charging stations every 50 miles? Roll into many stations along I-95 there are way more than 4 per station, and there can be a lot of stations. Oh, and, of course those techs will be union members, right?

Buttigieg said the proposal will also bar any EV charging station receiving federal funds from requiring memberships in a club or loyalty program to use the chargers, which “ensures that charging stations funded under these programs can serve a broad range of vehicles … and it sends a market signals toward a standard charging port for stations to accommodate the widest possible set of vehicles and accommodate adapters for all vehicles.”

And, of course the federal government won’t be tracking who charges their vehicle where and when, right? Or imposing restrictions if, say, you owe some back taxes or something, right?

If any elected Republican in the Senate or House had any brains they’d submit a bill requiring everyone in the Biden admin to only travel in EVs.

Goodbye gasoline cars? EU lawmakers vote to ban new sales from 2035

European lawmakers have voted to ban the sale of new diesel and gasoline cars and vans in the EU from 2035, representing a significant shot in the arm to the region’s ambitious green goals.

On Wednesday, 339 MEPs in the European Parliament voted in favor of the plans, which had been proposed by the European Commission, the EU’s executive branch. There were 249 votes against the proposal, while 24 MEPs abstained.

I wonder if lots of citizens of sovereign European nations are starting to rethink joining the EU, which was never supposed to have this much power.

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8 Responses to “LGB Admin Announces National EV Charging Standards Or Something”

  1. alanstorm says:

    Does the Biden admin understand that this is not something the federal government should be doing?

    Remember when the left called Trump a dictator? But I’m sure they’re FINE with this…

  2. L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

    It’s amazing how many gas stations, privately owned, are here to serve the public WITHOUT government planning or intervention. How do these leftists manage to wipe their asses?


  3. Dana says:

    Our distinguished host quoted:

    The rule will require EV charging stations every 50 miles and no more than a mile off the highway, emphasizing the interstate highway system and alternative fuel corridors, according to Buttigieg.

    Really? Gasoline stations are private businesses, and they are built where business owners believe they can make a profit. I do remember, back in the 70s, some signs out in Nevada and Wyoming, on the interstates, “Next gas 72 miles”. I s’pose, with the increased population, those signs are now gone, but . . . .

    How, exactly, does the government assert the authority to tell a particular businessman that he must build a charging station in a particular place, if he doesn’t wish to put one there?

    There is a WaWa at the intersection of PA 61 and I-78 at which I stopped, which had six Tesla charging stations . . . and 20 or 24 gasoline pumps, two per lane, in 10 or 12 lanes. There were cars waiting in line to get to the fuel pumps, but the only vehicle at a Tesla charger was actually a beater car that was just using it as a parking spot. At least in that area, there’s not much demand for Tesla charging stations, or at least there wasn’t when I stopped.

  4. It’s pretty simple: if there’s a demand for public charging stations, private businesses will build them. The feds are afraid that there won’t be enough demand for them to push an increase in supply, and without the pre-existing supply of public charging stations, the demand for plug in electric cars will be lowered. Very specifically, people who do not have homes in which they can have their own secure charging station won’t buy enough Chevy Dolts.

  5. One of the selling points for plug in electric vehicles is that people can charge them at home, overnight, when electricity rates are lower. But if you don’t have a home charger, and have to use a commercial one, the vast majority of people will be doing that during peak demand hours, when electric rates are higher. Not only will going to all electric vehicles create a huge surge in demand for electricity, but it will create a big peak hour demand as well.

    The left don’t believe that Americans live the right way, but that we need to end our love affair with the single-family home. But as they attempt to push more Americans into densely-packed apartment buildings, they are concomitantly pushing a lifestyle in which the at home charging station will be more difficult to have. Leftists just don’t think things through!

    • alanstorm says:

      Leftists just don’t think things through!

      If they could think things through, they wouldn’t be leftists anymore.

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  7. UnkleC says:

    Travel in the right areas and you’ll still see the ‘no service for….’ signs. Try a north-south run from Dallas to Duluth or San Antone to LA and see how many barren stretches of road you see. And stay on the main drag with your EV. Musk was aware of this early in Tesla and made range a priority. We still plan driving trips around gas stops and hotels.
    This Gummint Program is, at this point, just a method to pass money to supporters. Private operators will install charge points where they are practical and profitable. Right now, Buck-ees is installing Tesla chargers to go with their 40~60+ gas pumps. Others will follow if it makes sense for them and the sparktricity is available, that can be an issue in the hinterlands. I would expect another high dollar Obama style flop like Solyndra.

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