Who’s Up For Climate Cult Being Locked In By Law For Military?

Hey, Democrats couldn’t defund the military in the 70’s, so, why not destroy it from within? They’re doing a great job, with all the Woke, social justice, CRT, calling every white person a white supremacist, forcing out competent and capable service members, letting in the gender confused, putting people with serious mental health issues and suicidal thoughts around military grade weapons, giving them trans services, and so on. This would be the final straw in making it worthless in defending the U.S.

Senator Wants DoD Climate Change Goals Locked into Law

As the military services roll out their climate change plans, a key senator is pushing to ensure the goals are met by enshrining them in law.

Sen. Tammy Duckworth, D-Ill., a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee and an Army National Guard veteran, is introducing a bill Thursday that would set renewable energy goals for the Defense Department that match targets the military services have announced in recent months.

It’s important to codify the goals, Duckworth said, “so that it isn’t dependent on who happens to be secretary of defense.”

“We don’t want a project to get underway and then for it to wane,” Duckworth added in a phone interview with Military.com. “One of the things that needs to happen in order for the pivot away from fossil fuels to be effective is a long-term investment.”

In other words, she wants it baked in so a Republican president can’t say “to hell with this doomsday cult crap, we aren’t doing it.” Of course, Biden is completely ignoring all the laws on the border. Oh, and the Constitution, which requires the President and the Congress to protect the nation from invasion.

The bill would also codify goals to reduce emissions from Defense Department operations by at least 65% by 2030 and to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050; from installations procurement by 20% by 2024 and net-zero emissions by 2050; and from buildings on installations by 50% by 2032 and net-zero by 2045.

It would also set a goal of buying only zero-emission non-tactical vehicles by 2035, including zero-emission light-duty vehicles by 2027, and to work toward buying only zero-emission tactical vehicles by 2045.

China is loving this bill, along with other U.S. enemies.

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5 Responses to “Who’s Up For Climate Cult Being Locked In By Law For Military?”

  1. Our esteemed host wrote:

    In other words, she wants it baked in so a Republican president can’t say “to hell with this doomsday cult crap, we aren’t doing it.”

    Yup, that’s exactly right.

    Fortunately, in an election year, very little gets done after Memorial Day, so Mrs Bowlesbey’s — her husband’s name is Bryan Bowlesbey, and just because she didn’t show him enough respect to take his last name, I will not show him the same disrespect — bill is likely to go exactly nowhere.

    It’s a good thing we’re out of Afghanistan: not sure if it’s a great idea to have soldiers out in their up-armored Humvee but needing to find a fast-recharge station out in the boonies of that failed state.

    But, of course, the dolt from Delaware seems to wants us to fight the Soviets Russians in Ukraine and the Chinese in Taiwan, and I’m not sure just how many charging stations exist over there.

    Imagine, if you will, an armored convoy of American soldiers, where every third vehicle is a diesel-powered generator to recharge the Humvees, APCs and deuce-and-a-halfs, for an hour at a time, every three hours or so . . . .

  2. JG says:

    Sounds like this person is playing the “climate sound game” to get money from certain groups. I doubt this would not pass.

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  4. STW says:

    Somebody did the math for an Abrams tank and, as I recall, it would need to be recharged every few feet. No word on how well a lithium battery fares in a fight, though self-igniting cars and busses give some hint.

  5. Professor hale says:

    2045? One again, a totally non-binding law that doesnt take effect until all the people passing it have died of old age. No responsibility. No accountability. No delivery of results. Just full credit for their virtue and moral high ground. Free clue: the military works on a 5 year budget cycle. Even the last three years of that are considered fantasy. Plans for 2045 are not considered at all.

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