House Democrats To Investigate….Gun Makers In Wake Of Texas Shooting

They could investigate why a door was left open. Why the police response was so messed up. Why no one reported all the threats and violence from the Texas shooter, the danger. Same as in oh so many cases. Nope, Democrats want to use the time of the U.S. Congress to score points to whip up their unhinged base

House Oversight investigating gun manufacturers after Uvalde mass shooting

The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform has opened an investigation into five gun manufacturers in the aftermath of the mass shooting at a Uvalde, Texas, elementary school earlier this week that left 19 children and two teachers dead.

Driving the news: Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.), who chairs the committee, sent letters to the companies Thursday. She requested information regarding the manufacturing, sale and marketing of semi-automatic rifles that have been used in many of the deadliest mass shootings in recent U.S. history. (snip)

What they’re saying: “Our country faces an epidemic of gun violence, which is now the leading cause of death for children in the United States,” Maloney said in a statement Friday.

“I am deeply concerned that gun manufacturers continue to profit from the sale of weapons of war, including the AR-15- style assault rifle that a white supremacist used to murder ten people last week in Buffalo, New York, and the AR-15-style assault rifle that was reportedly used this week in the massacre of at least 19 children and two teachers in Uvalde, Texas,” she added.

They continue to profit because people are willing to purchase the firearms. The gun manufacturers sure profit from selling firearms to the U.S. government, for, say, protection of members of Congress.

The big picture: Maloney sent the letters to Daniel DefenseBushmasterSig SauerSmith &Wesson Brands and Sturm, Ruger & Company on Thursday, requesting they respond to several questions by June 2.

She’s skirting very close to the line of accusing them of criminal activity, and could be defamation. She might find herself on the wrong side of lawsuits. The letters include these questions

  1. What is your company’s annual gross revenue and profit from sales of semiautomatic rifles based on the AR platform and similar variants?  Please provide this information from 2012 to 2022.
  2. How many semiautomatic rifles based on the AR platform and similar variants have been sold by your company each year to distributors, retailers, consumers, and government agencies? Please provide this information broken down quarterly from 2012 to 2022.
  3. How much does your company spend annually on advertising and marketing semiautomatic rifles firearms based on the AR platformand similar variants? Please provide this information from 2012 to 2022.
  4. How much does your company spend annually on lobbying federal and state governments, either directly or indirectly? Please provide this information from 2012 to 2022.
  5. How much funding does your company provide to the National Rifle Association? Please provide this information from 2012 to 2022.
  6. Does your company monitor or track deaths or injuries caused by semiautomatic rifles based on the AR platform and similar variants that you manufacture? If so, please provide the total number of deaths and injuries that have resulted from the use of such firearms from 2012 to 2022. Please also identify whether these deaths occurred by suicide, accident, or homicide.
  7. Does your company monitor or track crimes attempted or carried out with semiautomatic rifles based on the AR platform and similar variants? If so, please provide the total number of crimes attempted or carried out with semiautomatic rifles based on the AR platform and similar variants from 2012 to 2022. Please also identify the type of crime, the location in which the crime occurred, and any other details tracked by your company.
  8. The Bushmaster XM-15 used in the Buffalo attack was easily modified by the shooter to accept high-capacity magazines. Does your company monitor or track crimes attempted or carried out with a modified firearm originally manufactured by your company? If so, please provide the total number of crimes attempted or carried out with a modified firearm manufactured by your company from 2012 to
    2022. In addition, what has your company done in this timeframe to prevent your firearms from being illegally modified after purchase?

She also wants a ton of other private company documents, such as marketing, analyses, and others. Hopefully, the companies either tell her to pound sand, explaining that she’s a public servant, not an Inquisitor, or show up without any requested material and tell her to pound sand, explaining she’s overstepped her boundary as a public servant. Because what Maloney really wants to do is create a soundbyte and thunder circus for the news and gun grabbers. What does any of this have to do with stopping nutjobs?

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16 Responses to “House Democrats To Investigate….Gun Makers In Wake Of Texas Shooting”

  1. Dana says:

    I wonder: does the lovely Mrs Maloney send similar letters to brewers and distillers?

    Provisional data from 2021 show the number of alcohol-induced deaths have continued to increase, to more than 52,000, up 34 percent from pre-pandemic levels.

    Mrs Maloney has strongly supported the legalization of marijuana, which would only increase automobile accidents due to driving while impaired.

    Of course, Mrs Maloney asked firearms manufacturers about AR-15s and similar weapons, but ignored the fact that the vast majority of homicides are committed not with rifles of any sort, but with the handguns favored by her voter base.

  2. The catholic but not Catholic Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Senator Ted (One Door) Cruz (NRA-TX) blames doors. Too many doors in buildings. Have a single locked door with an armed guard. Schools, churches, stores, offices, hospitals, college buildings, businesses – it’s time to harden our targets to protect ourselves from these Dem/Lib- encouraged murderers.

    This will create construction jobs and security guard jobs! Let’s rebuild America, Safe, Sane, Secure!

    Ted was tired of being called ‘Cancun’ Cruz. We’re hoping he realizes his presidential aspirations are over. He needs new writers.

    • Dana says:

      We have been told that an unnamed teacher propped a security door open, a door which was supposed to be locked to prevent entrance from outside. The impression given is that it was just an unfortunate coincidence that this happened on the day that Mr Ramos went on his rampage, but I find that improbable: if a teacher did this on that fateful day, it was probably a frequent occurrence. We cannot know that the door being propped open made the event worse, but it certainly shows that at least one teacher, and I suspect many others, did not take security seriously.

      Perhaps, just perhaps, had this security door not been propped open, someone who heard shots from the outside could have gotten to, and locked the main entrance. Perhaps, just perhaps, a minute or so more of keeping the very obviously Democratic Mr Ramos out of the building would have changed the entire event.

      Mr Ramos is obviously guilty, but there was clearly some culpable negligence by the school’s teachers and administrators, and they need to be held accountable. Holding these people accountable will ‘inspire’ other teachers and administrators to take security seriously.

  3. The Liberal but not libertarian Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Pointing over there to another problem does not lessen the target problem, but does serve to distract. Some feel Americans should have unfettered access to all types of dangerous drugs, implements, germs and actions. FREEDOM! My neighbors have no right to know if I store a ton of C4 in my garage, do they!

    Mass shootings in schools, churches, stores, theaters, concerts seem to impact society more than drug, alcohol and tobacco (>400,000/yr US) deaths, combined. Some blame leftist and media propaganda for this. Others think the massacre of 20 young children affects people emotionally more than 250,000 old men dying of lung cancer from smoking. Unfair, but there it is.

    It’s very rare that someone barges into a school and forces 1st graders to snort fentanyl. That said, we SHOULD make every effort to stop school bus drivers from drunk and pot-impaired driving.

    Intrusive gubmint regulations have halved! the number of preteens killed in vehicular accidents as passengers, pedestrians or riding their bikes (2000 had 1888 deaths; 2020 had 845).

    For some reason Americans seem more upset by school massacres than kids killed in car crashes. Still, Americans (actually, intrusive gov’t regulations – FREEDOM, people) have made efforts to reduce kids killed by vehicles (car seat mandates, impaired driving enforcement, bike lanes, more sidewalks).

    Guns Don’t Kill Kids, Republicans Kill Kids!

  4. Hairy says:

    Allow kids to be armed in school
    Give them a chance to fight back.
    Also it may stop gay propoganda from being crammed down their lite throats

    • Dana says:

      The Hirsute One wrote:

      Also it may stop gay propoganda from being crammed down their lite throats

      Truly! It has been reported that Mr Ramos had been seriously bullied while he was in school:

      One time, he posted a photo of himself wearing black eyeliner, Garcia said, which brought on a slew of comments using a derogatory term for a gay person.

      Yeah, that kind of would do that, wouldn’t it?

      I mean, dude lived in Texas, for pity’s sake! Unless he had an IQ somewhere around room temperature, he had to know that doing that would result in him being called unpleasant names.

      The Centers for Disease Control conducted the National Health Institute Survey in 2013 — when Barack Hussein Obama was President, not the evil reich-wing Donald Trump — and found that only 1.6% of the population are homosexual, with another 0.7% bisexual, and another 1.1% either stating that they were ‘something else’ or declining to respond.

      Clearly, if Mr Ramos was being bullied for possibly being homosexual, and the other students were armed, perhaps one of them would have put him out of his misery, and thus prevented the 19 other fatalities!

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Mx Dana encourages the bullying of those who appear ‘different’.

        Perhaps if teachers/counselors had intervened in the bullying the murderer wouldn’t have massacred the kids.

        Perhaps if AR-15 style assault weapons were banned the murderer wouldn’t have massacred the kids.

        Mx Dana recommends the ‘manly’ approach of bullying those who appear ‘different’ and putting the bullied out of their misery.

        Guns Don’t Kill Kids, libertarians Kill Kids.

        • david7134 says:

          Please explain how not having an assault weapon would have prevented mass murder. I know of numerous times when crazy folks like you have killed numerous people and used other weapons.

          Then explain how you hateful prejudice toward any one that disagrees with you, such as Trump voters, is any different than the worse Nazi or others of that nature.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            David Porter (aka Teach’s dad),

            We thought you weren’t engaging any longer? Liar, liar!

            Ask every other advanced nation on Earth about assault weapons.

            There is no one else like me, you old turd, and I’ve killed no one.

            AR-15s Don’t Kill Kids, Republicuns Kill Kids!

            The Nazis herded Jews, Roma, Poles, the disabled, and queer folk into death camps and massacred several million of them. We want Roe v. Wade to be retained as is. We want to allow teachers to teach. We want to ban assault weapons and all semi-auto weapons if necessary. We want comprehensive immigration reform (protecting the border, orderly immigration, humane treatment of those here now). We want a return to progressive taxation to re-support infrastructure, education, pensions, health care – just like the good old days.

            Wanting hateful people like you to not be in control of the nation is not Nazism.

        • david7134 says:

          So, despite a horrific killing of young children, you and your liberal buddies prefer to do nothing but cry about scary looking guns, not understanding that many guns that don’t scare you will give the same result. I have seen many children killed by 22s fired by the people that constitute the blm types.

          Then you readily admit to having the same thought process as the Nazis and other hate groups.

          As we have said, you are truly a repulsive person.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            Porter David,

            Suck balls, you liar, you!

            Scary looking guns? You’re daft, old man.

            Why do mass killers prefer these rifles over all others? Just because they like how they look?

            We are not so naive to think that murderers will stop murdering when these semi-auto, high velocity ammo, large exchangeable magazines, barrel shrouded, low recoil rifles are no longer available. They are designed to kill lots of humans in a short amount of time. Why are they needed outside of battle?

      • UnkleC says:

        No mention yet of the pix posted of the perp in a plaid skirt and dark stockings.

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          There is no evidence that the murderer was transgender or gay. The picture circulating in the wing-o-sphere (4chan) is not the murderer.

    • Dana says:

      The Hirsute One wrote:

      Allow kids to be armed in school

      What makes you think that they aren’t?

      If you look at The Washington Post’s database of school shootings, you’ll find that the vast majority of them involved at least one student who brought a firearm to school.

      November 29, 2021, at Cesar Chavez High School in Laveen, Arizona, a 15-year-old boy shot the 16-year-old who had just sold him the gun in a school bathroom. While it was hardly an attempt to shoot up the school, the Post counts this a 2,400 students having “experienced gun violence at school.”

  5. UnkleC says:

    For those who continue to blame the tool;

    “Evil does not exist within a gun. It exists in the minds and hearts of those who pull the trigger for evil purposes.”

    Courtesy, the Vulgar Curmudgeon.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      LOL. We would all be delighted if the murderers took hammers into the schools instead of assault weapons. The kid in Indiana took two pistols but killed no one! Mass murderers seem to select their tools for the job – quickly killing lots of people.

      I bet he wouldn’t even go if that was the case.

      Should C4 or other explosives be regulated? Grenade launchers? Surface to air missiles? Machine guns? Any weapon?

      Guns are not good or evil. No inanimate objects are.

      Ask pro-birthers about mifepristone and misoprostol pills.

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