Good News: Reproductive Health Is Climate Justice

Like I said yesterday, the Cult Of Climastrology will always glom onto any issue, because it’s a cult. And, most climate cultists are lefties, meaning they support abortion on demand

It’s all connected! It’s almost no even necessary to link the article

We need to stop debating which methods are going to work and realize we need to build a whole ecosystem of change-making.

I’ve worked in electoral politics for almost 17 years. I’ve been a communications director, I’ve worked for nonprofits where my main job is to get people to vote.

And let me tell you, it’s more important now than ever that we stop telling people that voting is the solution.

Voting is one small piece of what it means to be an active citizen. There are all kinds of things that go with it—door knocking, getting out the vote, holding our elected officials accountable—that have to be done together to have a solid strategy for change-making through the electoral process.

But electoral work alone is also not the answer to our current situation. We need to reach beyond our comfort zones, join movements, build mutual aid efforts, and get ready to break laws that we know are unjust.

How did we even get here? The backslide of reproductive rights, the refusal to take action on climate, the attacks on trans kids… none of this happened overnight. It’s all connected, part of a decades-long strategy by the wealthiest, most powerful corporate and political elite. And they aren’t going to stop. Court watchers are already predicting that the next attacks will be on equal marriage, LGBTQ rights, birth control, even interracial marriage.

Got that? Voting isn’t the solution. Breaking the law is. Forcing That Guy to comply is. And people wondered, all the way back to 2005 when I became a skeptic, and still wonder why I say that ‘climate change’ has little to do with actual science almost everything to do with Progressive (nice Fascism) politics. Even if the climate changes since 1850 were mostly caused by Mankind, the solutions are all about Control. Force. You are not allowed to engage in Wrongthink. And they will link everything together. Because they’re nuts.

And they’re still the same old racists they were from the Civil War era. They want black babies aborted. You know who else wants this? Nazis, white supremacists, and their ilk. Even though some of them say they’re highly religious, they support that blacks have a much higher percent of aborted babies than anyone else.

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11 Responses to “Good News: Reproductive Health Is Climate Justice”

  1. L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

    Tucker Carlson just nailed the heart and soul of the nuDemocrat/communist party. He called them “A party of weak men and angry women”. Does that sound like QdOwd or does it sound like QdOwd?

    Hell, they can’t even define what a woman is but they’re all in on abortion. Are abortions for men too? Should we require an equal number of male abortion clinics be built in the name of equity?

    FJB and all his commie followers who only believe in “democracy” (spit) when they have the votes.

    • James Lewis says:

      You nailed it.

    • Model 870 P. dOwd says:

      LOL. The Big Pussy, Liar Tuck, is your hero?? Mother Tucker calling other men weak is laughable.

      Youse guyz are pro-birth not pro-life.

      A woman can have sex with 100 men but only have one baby. A man can have sex with 100 women and spawn 100 babies.

      As we suggested earlier, all teen age boy should be vasectomized and when they are judged mature enough and financially able they can have their vasectomy reversed.

      Why are pro-birthers only concerned with controlling women?

      • Down on the Corner says:

        I wonder why Dowd suddenly started labeling himself (Winchester) Model 870 P. Or .38 Special Dowd or 2 Gun Safes Dowd?

        It seems the more radical and spittle flinging Dowd becomes he has started to reveal his real stripes. VIOLENT by flaunting his GUNS.

        Why are you flaunting GUNS in a comments section on the internet DOWD? Is that because you think no one can find you. I suspect the FBI already knows who you are since you began to flaunt yourself not as a libertarian but as a shotgun and a .38 special and the owner of two gun safes.

        I would seek help Dowd. Seriously, before your 2 safes full of guns becomes an option for you.

        • Professor Hale says:

          It’s an old argument trick: “see, I’m one of you guys, so you should take my views that are the opposite as yours seriously”. They don’t realize it just makes them logically flawed and their personal life is a lie. Lots of gun control advocates (democratic party activists) claim to also own guns, but think no one else should.

          • Down on the Corner says:

            Well, I hope you are right and he is not sitting on a commode somewhere in his underwear rubbing his M-14 with a demented look on his face.

          • UnkleC says:

            Absolutely correct, Professor. Many lefties use that approach, claim to be one of us, then use the canned, rhetorical arguments of the left to debate the issue. Examples: ‘automatic’ semi-automatic firearms, ‘military style assault weapons’, ‘powerful’ 9mm and .223 cartridges, no ‘sporting use’, and so on. Very few can even engage in a rational debate on the subject.
            I prefer to keep my firearms discussions to the various gun blogs I frequent or at the range.

          • Professor Hale says:

            Like the black guy at a clan rally, “greetings fellow white supremacists. Let me tell you some of my great ideas to support our favorite causes”.

        • Model 870 P. dOwd says:

          I forget why. Probably related to an earlier firearms discussion.

          Recall I’m from the Missouri Ozarks, a very gun friendly area. And yes I have two secured gun safes chockablock with rifles, shotguns and a couple of pistols.

          So what? Why does it bother you?

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