Good News: Biden To Make Mobile Homes More Green, Price Them Out Of Purchase For Low Income Americans

Is this what the climate cultists mean by ‘climate change’ affecting low income people the most?

After decades, Biden plans to make mobile homes greener. But it’s sparked a fierce debate.

…..Spurred by a court order, the Biden administration is proposing long-awaited updates to energy-efficiency standards for manufactured homes that it projects will save mobile-home owners thousands of dollars and prevent millions of tons of greenhouse gas emissions from entering the atmosphere in the coming decades. But the new standards, due in May, have also sparked a fierce debate about costs, equity and the future of manufactured housing.

The changes that the Biden administration has put forward include updates to insulation and windows, as well as heating and cooling systems.

Some say the Energy Department’s plan goes too far. “We believe in the importance of energy efficiency,” said Lesli Gooch, CEO of the Manufactured Housing Institute, a trade organization. “We just don’t think that this proposal is going to have the desired impact. And in fact, it’s going to have a negative impact on the supply of affordable, manufactured housing.”

“To us, the primary metric needs to be the upfront cost of the home,” added Mark Weiss, president of the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform, another industry trade association. “Our concern is that these new requirements are going to make them substantially more costly.”

Most who purchase manufactured homes aren’t doing it as a 2nd place down at the beach which they use on the weekends (lots trailer parks at the NC shore like this): it’s a cost thing. Make them more expensive and they can no longer afford

Others argue that energy savings and better quality homes with higher resale values would cover any extra costs. They would like to see the Energy Department set even stricter standards.

That means zero if they cannot afford them up-front. Certainly, it is good to weatherize them better, but, this type of high-cost regulation does not help. Of course, it’s easy for a rich guy like Biden, who figured out how his sons can make him a lot of cash from Ukraine and China, selling shady artwork, etc, all while living in nice, big, rich homes.

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8 Responses to “Good News: Biden To Make Mobile Homes More Green, Price Them Out Of Purchase For Low Income Americans”

  1. Tweetin Jackleg says:

    “Some say” who are the “some”?

  2. Hairy says:

    Show me the numbers Teach on total cost of ownership.
    Current 25year mortgage rates on manufactured houses are 6% twice that of site built That is because lenders know that the build quality is low With a better built house buyers could expect a lower interest rate. Manufactured homes are often twice as much to heat and cool per sq ft as site built homes,

    • alanstorm says:

      I’m sure you can provide citations for your Used Food – I mean, sagacious observations.

    • Dana says:

      In which the Hirsute One demonstrates his total lack of understanding of economics.

      Yes, it’s true that mobile homes are not as well insulated, and they can cost significantly more to heat and cool, but people buy trailers because that’s all they can afford! Other than that, they’re stuck in some crappy rental, with yearly rent increases.

      It’s just like his continual statements that plug-in electric cars are less expensive over time; they are mostly priced, initially, well above a conventionally powered automobile, and certainly higher than used cars.

      The Hirsute One simply has no flaming idea what life is like for paycheck-to-paycheck working class people.

    • Unkle C says:

      Mortgage rates are generally higher on ‘wobbly boxes’ not only due to the lower quality for construction, leading to a shorter useful lifespan, but a lower financial quality of borrower, increasing the risk of a default.
      Adding insulation could lower operational costs, but quite possibly not enough to justify the added expense. There are lots of variables. Additionally, the added insulation takes space, either decreasing living space or adding to exterior dimensions. These things have to be moved on public roads, so added width and length brings more moving expense.

  3. alanstorm says:

    The regulators always make the Panglossian statements that this brand-new regulation will naturally make everything more expensive, but it’ll all work out on the back end.

    Unfortunately, only the first part is ever seen.

  4. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    The Trump-Pence administration lost a suit in 2017 and:

    The court ordered the DOE to finalize a rule by May 16, 2022, and it released a proposed rule last summer, along with updated data in the fall and a draft environmental impact statement this January.

    While the DOE proposal considers various alternatives to the rule, it features a two-tiered strategy in which manufactured houses with a sales price of under $63,000 are subject to less stringent requirements. The department designed the lower level – Tier 1 – so that energy-efficiency improvements don’t raise the cost of a home by more than about $750, on average.

    Mobile-home-park residents often buy their houses but lease the land. And leased land isn’t always eligible for traditional mortgages, which can push home buyers into what are known as chattel loans. Those generally come with higher interest rates and shorter terms…

    This from Teach’s cited article…

  5. bob says:

    the reason people buy mobile homes in the first place is because government regulations and inflation have made normal homes unaffordable. when they get through regulating mobile homes I guess people can live in cardboard boxes.

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