Raleigh Mayor Considers Making Senseless Changes To Mask Mandate

Yes, here in Raleigh, NC, we actually have a mask mandate. It has no teeth, there are no penalties, no force of law, but, most businesses are complying. Even uber-Leftist Washington, D.C., has no indoor mask mandate at this time. The mayor also said that she’s end it when cases were below 5% infection rate. It’s now 4.6% in Wake County. In fairness, that has gone up from 3.1% it had been hovering around, but, the county is still less than 50 per hundred thousand in the county (I cannot find Raleigh specific numbers). Anyhow, none in the Raleigh media have done their job to question the mayor at any time, even when she says this (ABC11 does have a piece on it, I don’t see one at WRAL or the Raleigh N&O)

Raleigh mayor considers easing mask mandate

Raleigh Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin is considering lifting mask restrictions at certain businesses.

Baldwin issued a city-wide mask mandate at the height of the COVID-19 delta variant wave in mid-August. But after talking with concerned residents and business owners who say their sales are suffering, she may remove mask requirements at gyms, workout studios, and small businesses.

“I received a number of emails from people who say, ‘we support the mask mandate, but I can’t go work out at a gym.’ One woman said, ‘I’ve gained 20 pounds’ and another woman who said her mental health is suffering because of this. One guy told me he’s going to Cary to work out. He lives in Raleigh and goes to Cary to go to the gym there. I just really started thinking about this and what are we trying accomplish? So that’s one area where I think we need to find some balance.”

Ya think? Of course this is causing problems

Baldwin brought the idea to the Raleigh City Council on Tuesday. She said it would not include big box stores or large workplaces.

“I’m talking about mom and pop type shops where you don’t have 100 people in the store at once,” she said. “We’re talking 5, 10, 15. So there’s a difference.”

Where does that make sense? If 5-15 customers are in a small mom and pop store versus 50+ in a big box, what’s the difference? The big box is a much bigger store. Which would actually have better airflow with higher ceilings. Gyms, at times, will certainly have a higher density than a Best Buy. Even a WalMart supercenter. Though, I don’t mind wearing a mask in there. Not due to the Chinese coronavirus, but, colds and flu.

Baldwin said she’s expecting to see a spike in COVID cases following Thanksgiving, but added small businesses aren’t to blame.

She explained, “We are expecting a spike from Thanksgiving, but that spike isn’t caused by people working out in gyms or people at a shop, it’s because people are gathering together; they’re inside, they’re in homes eating together, no ones wearing masks, they’re hugging. It’s the holidays.”

Which has zero to do with a mask mandate on businesses and such. Nothing. This is all make it up as you go along politics, and, almost 2 years into the Chinese pandemic, you’d think they’d know by now. So far, through all this time, there has been no notice from the gym I go to about an outbreak linked to them in some manner. And, at least half the gym-goers are not wearing masks. So, just stop this. Especially since most masks work, at best, to stop 10% of the spread.

Also, piss off

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7 Responses to “Raleigh Mayor Considers Making Senseless Changes To Mask Mandate”

  1. Hairy says:

    Teach I think your stores have signs up about masking, is that true?do your workers wear masks?

    • gitarcarver says:

      Hairy doesn’t understand the difference between government use and private property.

      Hairy hates the idea that people can do what they want on their own property. If they want to require masks, then they can require them. If not, they don’t have to.

      Hairy hates that type of choice and freedom.

      Then again, all the left has is hate.

  2. Steve (retired/recovering lawyer) says:

    “Cause nothin’ says “Welcome” to friends and family like demanding to see their papers.

  3. Dana says:

    In the Keystone State, Reichsstatthalter Tom Wolf (NSDAP-PA) said that he planned to lift the indoor mask mandate for schools on January 17th, but he’s fighting a court decision which has said that the existing mandate was imposed illegally. You can bet your last ruble that, if the state Supreme Court sides with him, he won’t end the mandate when he said he would.

  4. Dana says:

    Dr Fauxi said, “People should, if they invite people over their home, essentially ask and maybe require that people show evidence that they are vaccinated.” He actually thinks that people should demand to see their guests’ papers before they walk in the door?

    If you don’t trust your guests enough to simply take their word for it, why are you inviting them into your home in the first place?

  5. Zombies are Cool says:

    It is more and more likely that the new(run for your lives) OMICRON variant of the Fauci flu is nothing more than a mild cold. Seriously. More data out of South Africa shows the symptoms last 2 days and are basically a mild fever, mild body aches, and a mild headache. But when tested it shows you have the Cov-Sars2 virus.

    Yet countries around the world are locking down? Why?

    It has nothing to do with the Fauchi flu but rather the Great Reset. Hell, even the Great Reset society makes no bones to not exist and to not be actively working to reset the governments of the world.

    You should be afraid. Very afraid. Their goal is population reduction, implanting microchips in people. Hell, even they claim that by 2030 babies will be born and implanted with artificial intelligence giving them the ability to be controlled by the state. Additionally, by 2028 they claim that advances made in AI or artificial intelligence will allow computers and devices to reprogram themselves.

    I wonder how that will work out with the computers that run the world’s nuke subs, nuke silos and nuke airplanes. Will they suddenly decide that carbon units are a pox on mankind? Easy way to return to 500 million people hey?

    I am not making this stuff up. Tim Pool investigates this kind of stuff on his channel. His two co-hosts are rather far-left radical lefties. His channel attempts to cover the news and will invite both far-left and far-right guests.

    His two far-left co-hosts have studied this stuff extensively and are the ones bringing the behind news advances to light. Tesla kingpin Elon Musk Just had an announcement about placing a chip in a human by early this coming new year that will allow a para to walk again. He predicts by 2026 that millions of people will have AI chips in their brains giving them huge intellect upgrades.

    The Rich are spending their money on long-life longevity. They want to live 150 years and Aging experts agree that we are getting very close to figuring out how to make this happen with millions of dollars spent by the rich to research this and drastic research by the CCP of CHINA funded by Wall Street and GOOGLE and now Apple has committed 250 billion dollars into this same scheme.

    But how is it possible to make people live 150 years when the planet is becoming overcrowded?

    Well of course that requires the great reset and a reduction in population and the riding of Borders and states and a social score. All Brought to you by the CCP because they are not willing to give up their power and cultural revolution to no stinkin whites or blacks or mexicans or latinos or Muslims.

    • Corporate owned MSM says:

      Corporations OWN the Main Stream Media including Fox news.

      Even Trump climbing into bed with a supposed truth network is being financed by Wall Street.

      These Networks will tell you nothing of what you just discussed.

      It is in their best interests to hide the truth because the people funding all of this are corporations with one agenda led by woke lefty’s who graduated from colleges that indoctrinated them by far left professors, most of whom are card carrying socialists/communists.

      You will hear nothing of what you talked about dude. Nothing. Because it is the corporations that want this for themselves. Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffet and Bill Gates and Elon Musk have themselves in mind when they fund this stuff. Not you or me.

      Be afraid? If people were told the truth of what our corporations were doing behind our backs with governments around the worlds help, there would be 7 billion people rioting in their respective streets.

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