Brandon Signs EO To Make Federal Government Net Zero By 2050

Well, this means Brandon will stop taking all those trips in fossil fueled helicopters, airplanes, and limos, right?

Biden signs executive order on climate change to require net-zero emissions from federal government by 2050

President Biden issued an executive order Wednesday afternoon that would reduce the federal government’s greenhouse gas emissions within the next decade and reach net-zero federal emissions by 2050. The term “net zero” means that any pollution contributing to climate change would be offset with equal measures to remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, such as planting trees.

“The Federal Government faces broad exposure to the mounting risks and costs already posed by the climate crisis,” Biden states in the order. “As the single largest land owner, energy consumer, and employer in the Nation, the Federal Government can catalyze private sector investment and expand the economy and American industry by transforming how we build, buy, and manage electricity, vehicles, buildings, and other operations to be clean and sustainable.”

The biggest components of the executive order are setting standards for reducing emissions in three key areas: electricity generation, buildings and transportation.

Under the order, the government would use 100 percent net-zero electricity by 2030, including 50 percent produced from fully carbon-free sources such as wind and solar. Federal buildings would have to reduce their emissions by half by 2032 and reach net-zero by 2045.

So, a couple questions: will Joe go Net Zero? How about at the White House? Where’s all this net zero electricity going to come from at all the federal buildings? Some of them with massive server farms use a lot of electricity. How will this effect operations of vital agencies, such as the CIA, other intelligence agencies, and the U.S. military? Under what statutory authority does he have to do this? Just because he’s the head of the Executive Branch doesn’t mean he could do things that interfere with the agencies as create and funded by the Legislative Branch.

In what world does Brandon think they can build enough solar farms and wind turbines to run the executive branch? Where will they all go just to run the District of Columbia operations? There’s not enough land to do this around D.C., unless he plans on evicting lots of people, demolishing the homes and businesses, and putting tons of them up. Still wouldn’t be enough.

What happens when a Republican wins in 2024 and simply cancels the EO? How’s that going to work out? But, hey, I know a way that Los Federales could cut their “carbon footprint” down quickly: get rid of a bunch of agencies, close a lot of unnecessary buildings, get rid of around half the employees who really do not do anything meaningful. Stop flying the big jumbo jets for Biden. One smaller jet will be fine. No bringing his limo and all sorts of other vehicles. Kamala isn’t allowed to fly anywhere. She can stay in D.C. or take the train.

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11 Responses to “Brandon Signs EO To Make Federal Government Net Zero By 2050”

  1. Zombies are Cool says:

    Latest poll among Democrats is 22 percent support for Biden to RUN AGAIN and 12 percent for K. Harris.

    He is becoming a NEOCON to drum up support. Start a war with Russia, which basically has the GDP of New York or Italy and has about 1/8th the firepower we have minus the Nukes.

    After a meeting with the president’s advisors, a NEOCON Righty gives a press conference in which he says nothing is off the table including boots on the ground in Ukraine and NUKES.

    NUKE? A GOP? See here is the classic example of why the right is trying to purge itself of the Liz Cheney types. War-mongering bastards. Geeze we just got out of a 20-year war in Afghanistan and already they can’t wait for the next one to start.

    I wonder why Biden and Hunter are so fascinated with protecting the UKRAINE? Could it be if Putin takes over the country there is no more free money pouring through back channels to the Biden family?

    In case no one has figured it out yet, the world is now being run by mega-corporations. City-states of the 1500’s. Twitter, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Walmart, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, PFIZER, MERCK, J&J, etc…etc.

    Our one true adversary for the common man, is China and of course, Joe Biden and Hunter are making millions from them as well. The big problem with China and why the Biden Admin and leftist have put so much focus on Russia is it takes the eyes off the prize of China and Globalization.

  2. Dana says:

    Our esteemed host asked:

    Where’s all this net zero electricity going to come from at all the federal buildings?

    There are some things which could be done: we could mount solar panels on the roofs of every flat roofed federal building, which could generate some of the sparktricity needed. And who knows: perhaps President Biden reads this fine site and saw where the Hirsute One told us that just 100 square miles of solar panels could power the entire nation, and believed it!

    But we’ve already seen that some of the wind and solar farms haven’t quite produced as much energy as promised, and that Germany is having to increase its use of natural gas, piped in from the Soviet Union Russia. We saw, last winter, how windmills in a normally mild winter state like Texas froze up during an unusually cold snap, and power production plummeted.

    And, as the hopefully short Democratic regime tries to replace federal government vehicles with plug-in electrics, the demand for electricity by the federal government will dramatically increase.

    Without great advances in the means of capturing solar energy, we’ll never be able to capture enough to maintain a first world economy.

    • L.G.Brandon says:

      Dana: Without great advances in the means of capturing solar energy, we’ll never be able to capture enough to maintain a first world economy.

      Ever consider that is the objective? The head commie promised to “fundamentally change” America. One doesn’t fundamentally change something one loves. The unpatriotic hate for the founding and development of America and the insistence by leftists we (White, Christian Men) had no right to conquer the Western Hemisphere and that that very conquest makes everything we’ve accomplished illegal and immoral is the driving force of the Democrat party of the 21st century. They mean to destroy this republic “by any means necessary.” That was a promise and a threat.

  3. Professor Hale says:

    It is a long established tactic of professional politicians to promise things that they won’t have to actually deliver until long after they are dead. At least the Soviets only had a 5 year plan (updated annually). Climate targets and Biden promises are nothing but vaporware.

  4. CC says:

    That should be bidet’s nickname – Net Zero.

  5. Carlos the Jackal says:

    Kamala doesn’t take a train; she pulls a train…

  6. Hairy says:

    Dana wind turbines are used successfully in Canada and also Antartica
    The turbines on Ross Island (Antartica) save 100000 gallons of fuel each year The wind turbines in Texas were not winterized a costly mistake. The state regulators in charge of the private companies should have made that mandatory.but private power companies all need strong regulation. The forest fires in Cali caused by the power companies saving money by not protecting the powerlines from overgrown trees are another example
    For the past 10 years renewable energy has been increasing at 1% of our total USA electric power. It is now at 21%. By 2030 it should be at 30%. Technology is advancing quickly.each year the cost of solar and wind watts decrease.New fossil fuel vehicle production expiration dates have been set by car and truck builders.
    Biden/China ? War is more likely to begin with China than Russia.

  7. Hairy says:

    Dana the 100 mile squaredolzr farm? Thst was actually not my own personal computation
    It was from Musk. You know, the richest man on the planet.

    • Dana says:

      You mean the Elon Musk who decided to go full Kim Jong-un in his hairstyle?

      Thing is, when you see a figure like that, it ought to raise a big, red flag, it ought to make you ask, “Is this really true?” and get you to do some research on your own before repeating it.

  8. Jl says:

    As said above, cutting emissions by cutting the size of the government was surprisingly left off the table….

  9. L.G.Brandon says:

    Hairy, I don’t think anyone here is doubting the ingenuity and creativity of American entrepreneurial ability. Yes, technology advances but at this time and for the foreseeable future fossil fuels will keep America moving, not electricity. Unless you commies are willing to bring nuclear into the equation there will never be enough non-fossil energy created to meet our demands now or in the future. There also will always be the need for back up sources when the wind don’t blow and the sun don’t shine. Which is most of the time.

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