If All You See…

…is early Bad Weather snow from carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is Don Surber, with a post on Trump showing Republicans how to win Hispanics.

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16 Responses to “If All You See…”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    I also see they flashing white Supremacy signs.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    This is how the tRumptilians want to corrupt the vote – by being the ones who decide who can vote and being the ones who count the votes! So, fear not, tRumptilians, the GOP is making sure that your white supremacy can continue!

    Protesters filled the meeting room of the Spalding County Board of Elections in October, upset that the board had disallowed early voting on Sundays for the Nov. 2 municipal election. A year ago, Sunday voting had been instrumental in boosting turnout of Black voters.

    But this was an entirely different five-member board than had overseen the last election. The Democratic majority of three Black women was gone. So was the Black elections supervisor.

    Now a faction of three white Republicans controlled the board – thanks to a bill passed by the Republican-led Georgia legislature earlier this year. The Spalding board’s new chairman has endorsed former president Donald Trump’s false stolen-election claims on social media.

    The panel in Spalding, a rural patch south of Atlanta, is one of six county boards that Republicans have quietly reorganized in recent months through similar county-specific state legislation. The changes expanded the party’s power over choosing members of local election boards ahead of the crucial midterm Congressional elections in November 2022.

    The unusual rash of restructurings follows the state’s passage of Senate Bill 202, which restricted ballot access statewide and allowed the Republican-controlled State Election Board to assume control of county boards it deems underperforming. The board immediately launched a performance review of the Democratic-leaning Fulton County board, which oversees part of Atlanta.

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Thank Brandon, dipshit!
      No more stealing elections.


      Bwaha! Lolgf https://www.thepiratescove.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_cool.gif

    • L.G.Brandon says:

      Elwood P. Dowd, are you saying that having the state legislatures decide the state voting laws as prescribed by the US Constitution is wrong? You guys really love you some tyranny don’t you?

      You need to understand that a democracy is a dictatorship of half the people plus 1. You should be more concerned with rebuilding the fairness and honesty of elections than railing about your phony “white supremacy”.

      I can’t understand how a presumably White person such as yourself harbors such vile hate and resentment toward your own people. You seem to think that because the US is mostly White it’s a bad thing. Why? You also emit a similar feeling about Christians. What have Christians ever done to you but provide the basis for a moral society?

      Or is it that Christians don’t buy into your hate for blacks that causes you to encourage black infanticide? Maybe a tad of guilt although I doubt that because people with your political proclivities seldom show remorse, moral turpitude or compassion.

      You seem a very unhappy person and I pray for you.

      • david7134 says:

        In the past, Elwood or Jeff used to brag about spending his youth in a black gang. He thought he was really out there, not realizing that he was their white toy. Now Elwood is the worse racist ever, he feels that all blacks are put upon and can not manage their own affairs without him. Note, he does absolutely nothing meaningful to help those down and out, we know this because he doxed himself and his biography includes nothing suggesting helping folks.

        Now, Jeff hates corporations and the various necessary write offs they receive. BUT, he has a major interest in a listed corporation in the drug sector, it is failing.

        In short, he is a jerk. He called one commenters wife a whore, for no reason.

        • L.G.Brandon says:

          david7134: In short, he is a jerk. He called one commenters wife a whore, for no reason.

          I saw that before. Disappointing, however it only makes him a vulgar pig not an idiot. Most of the leftists I’ve run across on the net have no morals, no manners and always default to name calling especially “racist”, “Whit supremacist/nationalist” or some other projection of their own bigotry and hate. The other thing is they never, ever admit when they’re wrong or apologize.

          For example: Point out that both vaxxed and non vaxxed get Covid, transmit Covid and die from Covid so someone who isn’t vaxxed is no threat to anyone else and rather than agreeing they’ll insist that the vaxxed get less severe cases and fewer deaths. They don’t realize that makes our point. The only ones who suffer are the unvaxxed so leave them alone already. It does not affect Elwood P. Dowd if Let’s Go Brandon in Hudson, Florida is vaxxed or not.

          Being disrespectful to fellow commenters is rude and boorish. Disrespecting their wives and families is straight out of the ghetto.

          • david7134 says:

            I am glad that you have a noble feeling. But the fact is that many of us have put up with Jeff for 10 years or more. He is the personification of the I’ll that grips our country. About 50% of the US hold views similar to Jeff and are equally abrasive and hateful. The rest of us hold more traditional views of our country and those around us. There is no way to make the 2 groups comparable. I suspect we will have a war, if we are not already in one. Thus, I don’t harbor any civil feels for Jeff.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            David or Porter has admitted to taking bribes from drug companies to falsify clinical trial data.

            Con-menters here call females whores all the time. For example, Hillary Clinton, VP Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Michelle Obama etc. We assumed it was OK.

            We are especially impressed at how reserved and constrained the con-menters, almost noble in their forbearance, LOL.

            Toughen up lads. This is a right-wing hate site, with Porter calling his “enemies” names in nearly every post.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            David or Porter is the personification of the fascist ill that plagues America. He thinks tRaitor tRump is a patriotic American, rather than the corrupt and vile authoritarian wannabe he is.

            Like all nuCons, he hates democracy, he hates the idea of a diverse America, and he’s ready to give up on the experiment called America. David or Porter calls Black Americans lazy and stupid, all the while getting rich from government payouts from Medicare and Medicaid. How many Americans did he kill with his warped views of science and medicine.

            David or Porter, did you ever prescribe statins?

          • david7134 says:

            See, I provide a clear example of what a piece of shit our man Jeff or Elwood is. He clearly is not an idiot, an idiot at least has some brain power, Jeff does not.

            GRTX closed at $1.40.

            Lets go brandon.


  3. L.G.Brandon says:

    Elwood P. Dowd:

    You or we can call Kamala Harris, Hillary Clinton, AOC or any other politician, movie or TV celebrity or any other person who puts themselves into the public limelight a whore or any name we wish. That sadly comes with the territory. What does not is calling a wife of a fellow commentator who is NOT a public figure even here and who has nothing to do with the policies or opinions we discuss here a filthy, low class name. It’s not your place. It shows how poorly your parents brought you up that you have no respect for a lady. It’s low life and a ghetto thing to do. In fact the ghetto is where people use that term all the time. Do you come from a ghetto? Do you live in one? Then don’t act like you do.

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Rimjob can’t help it with his white boy ghetto speak… he resides in St. Louis.
      Just comes natural yo.

      Bwaha! Lolgf https://www.thepiratescove.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_cool.gif

      • L.G.Brandon says:

        I haven’t been here that long so I’m reluctant to call him out since I don’t really know the standards you all support. I do know that calling the wife of another commenter a name is inconsistent with civilized behavior.

        I also know that in a recent response to one of my comments Elwood P. Dowd ended with a “So go fuck yourself”. Why? Is that truly necessary? Why would a civilized person discussing a policy find their argument so weak, so flimsy, so indefensible they need to resort to pitiful language? It’s low class and childish too.

        I’m under the impression he’s some sort of big shot in the medical or science field because he never “suggests” anything he demands it. I’m just a 41 year old retired fire fighter and musician twice divorced with a few girlfriends living in one of the Free States. I’m not as positive about all the misinformation as Elwood seems to be. He buys everything the government is selling and goes back for seconds.

        I am now a fire inspector for a FL city and as such have seen the devastation all the fake panic can do to businesses, people and economies. I don’t believe that it’s worth it for a disease that is 98.7% recoverable and that includes all ages and all comorbidities. But I only know what I see and read. The good news is I read and see both sides not just XiNN and not just FOX and so far I find FOX about 100% fairer and more honest than XiNN. Recent developments at that station should make that obvious.

        Certain things should not be partisan like our national security, our love of country, our desire for a better tomorrow for our kids, not scaring the bejeezers out of people just to control them. But most of all the truth should not be partisan and when you have people languishing in jail for 11 months because the protested that’s wrong. When you call the opposition protests “insurrections” because it paints them in a bad light it’s wrong. When you support race baiting, racist organizations like BLM or the KKK that’s wrong. When you call people carrying American flags traitors and people burning them progressive that is wrong. Too much to go on but you get my point.

        And when Elwood P. Dowd states: This is a right-wing hate site, with Porter calling his “enemies” names in nearly every post. he shows his ignorance of what a “hate site” really is. Go read BLM if you want to see hate. I did and I was appalled. Hell, just read the Democrat platform to see hate. I was appalled at that too.

        Also not Elwood, it is Porter’s site, not yours. He can do as he wishes. You’re a guest. Act like one.

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          Porter has a comments section. So many of the con-mentors spend all their time defending and complimenting Porter. If he can tolerate direct criticism, why can’t his protectors?

          Brandon: He can do as he wishes.

          And we can criticize his typings.

          THE CODE

          If ye can prove me wrong, so be it. Ye can rant and rave at me, but be mostly polite to any other commentors. I will put up with quite a bit, but be mostly respectful to others.

          We give back to the other con-mentors what we receive. We’ve been accused of rape, pedophilia of my grandchildren, murder, abuse, stolen valor, called vile names daily, had my wife accused of being a rape victim, had my wife called delusional, called a communist, nazi, fascist, warmunist, dipshit, and on and on.

          The con-mentors here are a collection of trolls and liars hardly worthy of response.

          In a decent world we’d be discussing ideas, not wallowing in the mud but here we are.

          We don’t agree with BLM on all their issues but they are not about hate. Porter discusses issues and policies from a position of clear disdain for all that do not favor his stances. He uses degrading language and name calling, Brandon.

          We understand your desire not to be criticized. Good luck.

          • L.G.Brandon says:

            I have no problem being criticized. I have no problem discussing anything. I don’t even have a problem being called names or calling someone else names. I do have a problem with bringing people’s wives and children into that mud as you call it. And I have no wife nor children.

            I’m trying to point out you have a really bad reputation here and wondering aloud if it might be time to clean it up. that’s all. Now I have gleaned from what I’ve read here that you aren’t a particularly moral, virtuous or honest person. Why would you let that stand? I also see you aren’t Christian and seem to have a great deal of distain and maybe even hate towards Christians particularly Evangelicals. Perhaps that’s the root cause of your lack of morals, the lack of a proper upbringing. It would also explain the constant cursing and borderline psychotic need to insult people.

            Maybe I’m just making more of this than is necessary. Maybe you just don’t play well with others. But I figure since you are always commenting here you must find these guys and gals interesting and challenging. Yet you do your best to insult them and even the host. I just don’t get it.

  4. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    And some so-called Americans think he was and would be a good president…

    Former President Trump accused Benjamin Netanyahu of disloyalty after the former Israeli prime minister congratulated President Biden on his presidential win earlier this year.

    “I haven’t spoken to him since,” Trump said, according to comments released from an interview taken by Israeli journalist Barak Ravid. “Fuck him,” he added.

    Trump accused Netanyahu of speaking up too quickly following what the former president has still yet to concede was a legitimate election.

    “Nobody did more for Bibi. And I liked Bibi. I still like Bibi,” he said, referring to the former prime minister by his nickname. “But I also like loyalty. The first person to congratulate Biden was Bibi. And not only did he congratulate him, he did it on tape.”

    Big Baby…

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